Beauty of Beginnings – February 26th | Beauty of Beginnings

Reverence. To stand in awe of. Not diminished. Humbled. Not dominant. Humbled. Grateful. Moved. Touched. Connected. To be reverent is to be present to mystery beyond human cognition. Imagine a world where reverence towards our work, our art, people, our community, the Earth…was a daily practice? Imagine a world where reverence towards self was the ground of your existence? Not … Read More

Beauty of Beginnings – February 3rd

What captures your devotion? Where in your life do you commit to the sacred in you? How do you express devotion to your work, your relationships? Or perhaps, where might devotion become a pillar of your existence, giving your life and identity a shape that is currently absent? The word devotion is one of my favourite words. Up there with … Read More

Beauty of Beginnings – January 6th

On this morn I am considering sacred words. Transcending the dogma of religion, sacred words invite us to enter a field of beauty and love. Devotion.. Reverence… Divine… Grace… A life of devotion? To what do we devote ourselves? Does it serve us to be whole? A life of reverence as a practise. For things, small and great. A sunrise, … Read More

Reverence as a Business Practice

 Reverence…From Latin reverentia, from revereri ‘stand in awe of’ (see revere ) (New Oxford American Dictionary) (To be clear, we are not speaking of any form of religious dogma, or doctrine.) Reverence = A deep an abiding respect for… To what do you currently bring reverence? To what do you stand in awe of? To what and whom do you … Read More

The Grace of Reverence

Following our exploration of pride, which I continue to be aware of when it shows up in my life, it is time to look at the grace of reverence. How delicious is the word….reverence…such a sound that I love. It has always been one of my most favourite sounds. It occurs to me as I write this that it may … Read More