On being human. Seeing the world from our knees.

The extraordinary Parker Palmer wrote he was a “contemplative by catastrophe.” Krista Tippett in an interview with Tim Ferriss talked about wisdom and age. And Alain de Botton talked with Krista Tippett about love and relationships. All the while, I struggled with my own inner demons and questioned everything…all my effort, my dedication, my persistence…why? and for what? And at … Read More

Violence is what happens when we don’t know what to do with our suffering.

“Violence is what happens when we don’t know what to do with our suffering.” Parker Palmer Sometimes when we read the truth it is so obvious that we cannot believe we didn’t seen the connection before. This was my response to this quote. Of course. Of course. Sure there are a small number of people who are sociopaths and psychopaths. … Read More

Creating a safe space where the wild part of us can make an appearance

We each have a wild part of us. Raw, instinctual, unrefined. Able to live off the land, to survive against odds. It has a home territory. It shy’s away from anything that is not known, from crowds, and noise…it looks out at the world as an observer. It will not come out until the course is clear. Our wild animal … Read More