Beauty Of Beginnings – March 30th | Beauty of Beginnings

Search others for their virtue and yourself for your vices. R.Buckminster Fuller Why do we love quotes and short contemplations? Because they remind us of things that matter. In writing these daily contemplations I search inside myself for my own rough edges. My own “in-my-face” experiences of the last 24 hours. I am writing as much to remind me, as I … Read More

Dare to be Naive – cultivate environments of extreme learning

Last week I attended the Sydney edition of the Blockchain workshops convened by COALA. 400 mostly nerdish types from all over the world. I was in heaven. In many areas, right out of my depth. Some of the people are so friggin smart when it comes to code and the language of technology. A language that I barely speak. Yet … Read More

Dare to be naive – a path to true innovation | True Innovation

Naive – ORIGIN mid 17th cent.: from French naïve, feminine of naïf, from Latin nativus ‘native, natural’. Dare to be naive – So wrote Buckminster Fuller in the very opening of his work, Synergetics. We live in the illusion or delusion of innovation. We think our emerging technology is stunning in its ability to shift humanity. That the next app … Read More

You have to move – Universe does not respond to inertia

Nothing happens until someone/you…moves. (Albert Einstein) On some level it doesn’t matter what the movement is…as long as there is movement. Buckminster Fuller described it as precession…and until you move there is no possibility of a precessional effect, which is natures main effect. Go for the goal and get the precession. Go for the honey and get life on Earth. … Read More

Lifting the veil – the real apocalypse- on breaking down illusions

The word apocalypse comes from Greek, apokalypsis, meaning an uncovering, a lifting of the veil, or the disclosure of something hidden, a surprise. Almost all humans are under under some illusion. Each illusion has a depth or hierarchy to it. The more able you are to perceive multiple perspectives simultaneously, generally the less your level of illusion. Human history is … Read More