Jazz Conversations for Business – co-created, improvised, unique, rich

The heart of Jazz is improvisation, with syncopation (strong beats become weak and vice versa), co-creation and play. Jazz Conversations is a methodology we use in our events at 2:23AM. Our job is to create the field for these conversations to flourish. That field needs to be light, playful yet purposeful, aligned and attuned. We want enough ease and flow … Read More

Listen to the life that wants to be lived through you

 When we were working with the 2.23AM brand, I quite literally took the brand to bed, to check in during my sleep with its relevance to the 2.23AM tribe. Now before you run for the hills thinking I am mad…(the other day I was described as bazaarly unusually crazy..this works for me by the way…a compliment)..how many times have you … Read More

The illusion of money as power

Hypothetical Scenario – a catastrophic situation. You are penniless, and have no physical items of value, like gold, jewels etc.  You need to eat. If you do not eat, you will die. Food can be obtained, but in the way of access to food is a person who wants to extract something of value from you in order to pass … Read More

How success can kill entrepreneurship – in 7 days

 Day 1. You start. High risk. Nothing to lose. Give it all. Live on the edge…creativity abounds. Figure out how to make it work with few if any resources… Day 2. Like the “Little train that could”…you think you can, you know you can…it seems to be working…keep going…still risky, still scary…still alive… Day 3. Hah…success…staff to pay, service to … Read More

A promise to make the world better through business

We are all born carrying a promise – a promise to make the world better. There is a yearning to make good on that promise than none of us can suppress for ever. Marianne Williamson What wakes you at 2.23AM? Literally or metaphorically? Over the last week I have met many wonderful people on my journey through Ireland. People doing … Read More

Generosity, entrepreneurship and success

Our current business world is a give and take kind of place. “I scratch your back, you scratch mine” This is reciprocity, not generosity. Generosity is not about getting back. Generosity is about giving with clean intent in the act of giving. It has to start from the place of abundance. You cannot give generously from a place of lack. … Read More

“Will power is a condiment” not a permanent way of being

The 2.23AM podcast is launching on the 23rd August 2014. Please sign up here. Today I interviewed the beautiful Hiro Boga, a business leader, my mentor and someone I respect totally. The interview will go live August 30…and in the mean time I was captivated with this quote from Hiro. “Will power is a condiment.” Hiro’s origins are from India…and … Read More