Its 2:23AM and you can’t sleep


Something keeps calling you in the dark hours, a longing that will not be ignored.

An emptiness that will not be sated, by food, sex, or endless hours of hustle.

All the silent accumulations in your home only make the void deeper.

Days seem stuck in a ground hog cycle….

And no matter how successful your life appears, the darkness wakens you..

Again and again

Calling you to pay attention.

But to what?

After all, didn’t you follow instructions? Get the glistening career, the fame and fortune, the bight shiny car/lover/house? Or is this still missing and you question your worth and direction?

All this, and more, and yet, again, awake…..

And even in the daylight hours, the shadow of night follows you, tugging at you no matter how busy you attempt to be. A pit that will swallow you whole if you gave it one moment of indulgence.

Something is wrong…but what, but what?

There is no solid ground. The rules of life no longer apply in this dark world.

No matter how loud you call, silence returns. No answers to questions. And yet the questions keep coming, cycles of cycles of questions…head blowing apart from the noise.

What is the call?

What is being called from you?

There is a light at the end of the tunnel but it requires a different approach. My name is Christine McDougall and It has been my privilege to work with hundreds of entrepreneurs and leaders from around the world as they navigate the call of their 2:23AM moments.

I invite you to partner with me on this journey.


Why me?

I am a leader in co-creating profound personal and social behavioural change models that benefit the individual and the surrounding community.

With a Master Certified Coach accreditation from Coach University (the first Master Certified Coach In Australia/Pacific, 1998, and the person to initiate the International Coach Federation into the Austalasia region, serving on the Global Board for 5 years, in my final year as VP) and 19 years experience in the fields of human development, organizational change and systems thinking, I have witnessed remarkable outcomes for my clients. As an experienced Leadership Innovator and Behavioural Change Coach and Oracle clients have allowed me to guide them through often dark places to enable transformation in the way they engage with life, work, love and play.

As a self-employed entrepreneur since age 24, with several failed start-ups behind me, I know the rollercoaster ride of entrepreneurship. Currently, as well as my client work, I am engaged in several projects, all with the common theme of building models that make the old models obsolete, and in the process enabling the increasing well being of all humanity. In 2015 an amazing team and I launched the inaugural Big Blue Sky event on the Gold Coast. ( This has resulted in a dozen projects that ignite community, inspire innovation and restore the forgotten art of citizenship to community spaces.

For 30 years my passion project is working on alternative finance/currency systems. Currently working with a global team uniting both technology/blockchain with human systems to create alternative mechanism of value recognition.

I run ultra distances for fun, swim squad 3 times a week, am often found bare footed with sand between my toes, eat an enormous amount of Lindt Chili chocolate, have an incredible daughter in her 20’s, plus a ridiculously cute dog called Milly, and will never deny myself the opportunity to eat authentic Italian pizza, preferably with a good Italian red and some stimulating company.


On Collaboration and Self-Managed Organisations

Most people say collaboration is hard. After 30 years of failing I finally created the technology to enable successful human collaboration, where groups of diverse people who seek to come together to create projects and tools at the enterprise, community or governance level, do so without disintegrating into small, petty self serving behaviour. And they do this through a process of self- management. This is not theory. It has been applied and is in practice.

Think about this…self motivated people who do not fall into gossip, back stabbing, petty behaviour, who don’t need to be told/managed/monitored…instead they come together to work on projects as a harmonic team.

Yes…essential ingredients must be in place for this to occur, not the least of which is a very skilled leader. And yes, this requires work to build. But it also saves time, energy…break down. In almost all organisations I have worked with at least 30% of time is spent managing human relational breakdown. (And that is a generous estimate!)

As part of the collaborative technology, we have tools to ensure all participation and value is recognised and honoured.

If building a self managed organisation interests you, where people nominate their responsibilities and accountabilities and act from that place, all towards the clear organisational goal, I can support you to put the systems in place, and simultaneously steward your leadership development to maintain an agile, resilient and high-speed-to change organisation.


On 1-1 Mentoring and Stewardship

“Christine’s ability to work with clients and navigate the darkest and most restrictive parts of themselves to create the clarity necessary for their personal success is second to none. With two decades of coaching and behavioural change management experience, Christine work has been entrusted by some of the world’s most intelligent entrepreneurs through to those in the grips of their deepest dark night as well as corporate organisations desiring transformational change.

Christine’s work extends beyond the normal boundaries set by a coach or mentor; her role is that of ultimate trust; to work in complete transparency with clients looking beyond the good and ‘already achieved’ aspects of self and explore the darker, restrictive parts that, for whatever reason, are inhibiting full potential. Christine’s potent combination of sublime intelligence, experience, intuition and compassion allow her to guide clients towards the light within themselves that possesses the greatest clarity, potential and authenticity. It is via the exploration, recognition and nurturing of the previous submerged aspects of us that the greatest opportunities for a shift in behaviour patterns, non-serving self-talk and confusion for the future will occur.

It has been said that Christine McDougall is the supreme lighthouse keeper; consistently there to diligently guide even the most experienced sailors through the rocks that will inevitably emerge in life.” Lou McGregor


On Business Relationship Counseling

Whether it is at the Board, Executive Team, or general Team level, or between founders or partners, I have 21 years experience in working with breakdowns in human relationship in a business setting.

Not only do we clean up really fractious and often extremely destructive relationships, most often we build pathways for far better future relationships.

If you have a major business agreement to put in place, and you have a history of agreements/partnerships going pear shaped (or you just want to get this one right from the get go), or you have an existing dysfunctional business relationship that is consuming significant amounts of your time, energy, attention and vitality, then don’t wait. The cost is far too high on every level. I can help.


My role as Mentor, Steward, Coach, Facilitator, Advisor, Oracle

*for an article written about my work

I see your core DNA far more clearly than you do, and often far in advance of your capacity to see the full measure of your power and expression. I see you beyond your insecurities, your sense of inadequacy, your confusion, offering a clear light for you to move in the direction that most matches your whole self.

I see the core DNA of the business you are building/leading and its alignment or misalignment to your own core DNA. Together we work on ensuring the highest degree of coherence and alignment in your business and your life.

I see exactly where you are on your journey. The speed bumps you are about to encounter, the side tours you will probably make, the amazing successes. In all circumstances, my role is to create a space where you feel completely safe to be present, in your glory or your perceived failure, to learn, grow and become ever more of who you are.

I know human relational dynamics very well. I know how to create a team of people who challenge themselves to do moonshot projects without falling into the sinkhole of egoic dysfunction. I know how to pull a team out of the dysfunction and towards a higher state of collaboration. I am not afraid of confrontation, break down, break through, break apart. I have the capacity to hold each person as a sovereign being as they navigate complex human relational dynamics.

I study the future from a large-scale systems point of view. I am a systems thinker, a seer of patterns often way in advance of others. This asset of foresight is one that cannot be undervalued, as most people are too busy getting their ducks in a row to notice the larger patterns unfolding, and fall victim to them in their addiction to busy-ness.

I have a vast global network of people who are leading the future of systems change. They have fluency in finance, currency, organisational design, human development, systems thinking. Many of these people are my friends, and when the occasion warrants, introductions will be made. I have be the alchemist of many amazing business relationships and partnerships that benefit all.

I see patterns quickly, and have the ability to cut through BS with lightning speed and get to the core of an issue or decision. I have the appropriate amount of compassion and radical honesty to enable you to cut out your own BS and get on with what matters most to you.

I have spent my life at the edge of human and organisational design, exploring the emerging systems in finance, technology, currency, enterprise and collaboration. My commitment at this time in my life is to create models – build new boats vs rearrange the deck chairs – and to galvanise people and citizens to collaborate on things that make a difference…not through talking but through action. Therefore you will find me highly motivated, very articulate, culturally and global aware, fluent in many of todays most emergent technologies, comfortable in my imperfections, able to sit in vulnerability and transparency, clear sighted and very committed to making a world that works for everyone.

I have been called the traffic cop of the wormhole as I have an innate ability to connect people and to create spaces enabling human synergy to occur. (Where one plus one might equal 1000)

My approach is simple

Most of our day we spend working on the outer world of our business. The marketing, the sales, the brand, the web site, strategy, management, budgets, finance, media, new business. You can get support in these domains from a million service offerings.

We neglect our interior world. The world of our values, beliefs, relational dynamics, cultural views and stories.

What we neglect most of all is to work with all the worlds, your interior, exterior, personal and relational worlds. The whole of you.


And we neglect to see these worlds in the larger context of the unfolding world and the emergent future.

To build a vibrant, successful and enriching life and business, we need to work on all. We need to challenge and deconstruct many of our stories and beliefs, align our deepest values and desires with our business and life, create powerful intentional relationships, and have all of this interior work be 100% coherent with the marketing, sales, strategy, budget and branding plan, plus the emergent future.

I care about your success. Your whole success. To build a massive business and have zero life is not the success we will be building together. To be fabulously wealthy and horribly unhealthy is not the life we will be building.

I care about it all…your business, your health, your relationships, your financial success, your own self confidence….most of all that you feel more alive and successful than you ever thought possible, on YOUR terms. (not mine, not your family, not your community)

Over the past 20 years I have mentored thousands of entrepreneurs and leaders from multiple industries to;

  • grow businesses from scratch, through the anxiety and hard yards, to the place of right tension/right ease
  • deal with dysfunctional team members, ineffective leadership, office politics, clarity of communication
  • growing real resilience and self reliance within an organisation. Having people take responsibility, be accountable, and take appropriate action
  • steward leaders from a place where they don’t feel they have the right, to knowing that have everything they need, and if not, the comfort to be able to ask
  • navigating tricky and broken personal and business relational dynamics
  • working with the dark night – the 2:23AM moments, where you do not feel brave, bold, able – where you are questioning everything and everyone, where your life is up for re-examination. Where you are grappling with the existential question of “why am I here?” and “what is the point?”
  • finding the capacity to be vulnerable, real, humble – without a trace of shame
  • building businesses that are beautiful, financially profitable, and the embodied expression of what you wanted to create
  • evolving through stuck places, stuck behavior and too small thinking

My clients are leaders in their field. From Type A entrepreneurs in the tech/start up space, to social entrepreneurs, to senior executives, to property developers, bankers, and Real Estate professionals, I have worked with a vast array of people, all committed to their own inner and outer excellence.

They all share the same desire. To bring their whole selves alive in their work, life and relationships. And to do so in a way that is coherent and resonant with their deepest values. To build breathtakingly beautiful businesses that honour all of humanity through a commitment to business as a force for good where everyone wins.


Stewardship and Mentoring levels

Single session: $1000 – Expected outcome – reaching an absolute Yes or No No No!

A 60-minute phone session to explore an issue that is creating confusion, anxiety, or needs refinement and clarity. At the end of this conversation you will reach an absolute yes about your next steps. This is for those who know the power of a mentor/advisor/guide and simply cannot afford to dither in the spaces in-between knowing and not knowing.

For more information and to book a single session email

*we may reach the conclusion well before the 60 minutes.

Six-month immersion: $2,000 per month, limited to 3 clients a month.

A six month, 2 times a month for up to 1.5 hours each, mentoring immersion where we will explore the whole pattern of your life and business, the call of your 2:23AM moments, the stories that you are holding that may need to be let go, the mis-alignments between your values, desires and your business and pathways for resonance, intimacy, and confidence. Or we will work on a very specific project, with the aim to bring it closer to it’s fullest expression.

I hired Christine because I was struggling to muster real enthusiasm for my work. I had been employed by the same company for 4 or 5 years and had arrived at some difficult obstacles including finding ways to develop some of the people that worked for me. I was feeling trapped, flat, uninspired and unenthusiastic. Despite everything I was reading, all the advice I was seeking and being given, I could not find a way of getting myself back into gear. I did not know what it was that I had to seek to change to recover what was missing.

It was comfortable and liberating to explain things to someone who seemed to have endless patience to listen and understand. I was surprised that Christine seemingly brought no agenda whatsoever to our meetings, no ‘toolkit’ or premeditated solutions. She allowed me, aided by her sharp observations, to arrive at some exhilarating new perspectives. I think the experience has left me feeling far more self-sufficient than before. I feel today deeply confident that my real values align through my work and family life, and I attribute that incredibly important and empowering realisation directly to our work together.

This year Christine has helped me to engineer the most dramatic transformation in my most important relationship of all; with my wife. The change is phenomenal, and wonderful. Christine is an advisor, a coach, a mentor, who advises on business and personal issues with equal clarity. She understands business, relationships, people, and communication at the very deepest level, and her advice has a spiritual foundation and value if you choose to see it. All of Christine’s work originates from her resolute and clear value system. Her understanding of what integrity is and means is supremely developed, and all of her work stems directly from this source. Put simply, Christine fights the good cause every single day, and does it with courage, energy and very inspiring conviction. What this means to me is that I trust her advice and views absolutely, because I know they come from a good place. Simon Allsop, Executive Search, Singapore

For more information, and to apply email


Full year Stewardship: $35,000 Limited to 2 clients a year.

If you are seeking the fastest way out of your 2:23AM moments or for those who seek to accelerate their own trajectory towards clarity, authority and the most coherent expression of their life and work.

I started working with Christine because I was lost. I had everything but had nothing. My private life and business life all melted into one.

Christine has the ability to clean your mind, make you see things in a different light and send you away with a new sense of energy and vigour towards life, relationships and business. She is one of the most amazing people I have met. Very few people have touched my life and changed it for the better the way she has. Jason Andrew Auctioneers. Australasian Auctioneering Champion 2010.

I hired Christine in my desire to be more, increase my leadership potential, learn more and push my limits. This was inline with moving from one side of the world to another for work.

Every dialogue brings me something special, a realization, clarity, the right questions, calmness, inspiration. Working with Christine can turn me from low to empowered, from no hope to inspired progress, from fighting the system to empowered to move forward, from unsure to confident.

Three tangible, measurable changes / shifts have been:

Clarity in my dialogue to others – clean communication

Truly listening and allowing the space/trust

Confidence to believe and follow my intuition more

Business support is incredibly and great. When I need more contact I ask and Christine is always there. I have become better at asking and reaching out. Working with Christine is like looking into a mirror reflecting myself. She continuously brings integrity, truth and honestly to the table. She inspires me to truly be me, listen to my inner voice and move beyond ordinary expectations. Christine is like a guardian angel who I deeply trust and now is always with me, empowering the best from me. I could not recommend Christine enough.
Kate Freebairn, Senior Designer, Nokia

You may have some deep questions to explore
You may be going through a dark period, including depression (private or public)
You may be at a time where to live a lie in your life is no longer optional
You may know that something has to change and you simply cannot sit and do nothing anymore
You may want to make changes but have either no clue where to start, or sheer terror that the changes may ask you to give up so much of what you have
You may know that unless you have a mentor/steward you will keep cheating yourself to return to sub – optimal behaviour
You may have a relationship issue that consumes 80% or more of your headspace. How much more will you have to dedicate to your life and work if you changed this dysfunctional dynamic?
You may be trapped in a pattern of scarcity, that no matter how much you have, there is never enough
You may have total imbalance in areas of your life that are killing you – health, relationships, work, play, no play
You may simply know the power of having a great mentor/steward to synergise the whole of your work and life
You may seek to develop a self managed organisation, where people take responsibility and accountability for their actions, and almost all levels of management are no longer required
You may want to rapidly advance your ability and capacity as a leader
You may want to build a simply outstanding team, be that for a specific project, or an ongoing project

We will schedule weekly calls/meetings, and have abundant email communication in between.

For more information and to apply, email


2 Day Private Residential Retreat $15,000, plus accommodation and travel

For those who seek to dive deeply into the call of their 2:23AM moments, who are no longer willing to live in the silent struggle night after night, who want to take themselves out of the stress of the day to day and immerse themselves into a deep conversation and inquiry about the next stage of their life and work.

This is the fast track path to navigating out of the darkness.


When you know you simply must take massive action


When guided contemplation and business and life consideration have become an imperative that can no longer be ignored.

We will agree on a venue that offers privacy, beauty, vibrant and beautiful food and outdoor activities.

We will converse, plan, get outdoors, contemplate, dive deep into 2:23AM questions, explore, be still, move and play.

At the end of the two days, you will be restored to your truth. You will have a sense of clarity and certainty about the questions that have been nagging you. Your next steps will be evident. You will be re-engaged with life and ready to get started.

For more information and to apply please email and we will set up a time to explore this option by phone. Once agreed, payment is made in full in advance.

Business Relationship Counseling

  1. You have an existing partnership that is not thriving. It is costing you energy, effort and money, not to mention lost productivity.What to do?
    How bad is it?
    How far has it gone?
    If you do nothing what is likely to happen?
    What have you done so far and has it worked?
    Is it time to bring in the big guns. The lawyers? If so, what will that cost?
    What are the true costs of this breakdown? The externalities? Lost sleep, stress, distraction from your main role, ripple effect to other relationships, time spent trying to negotiate and navigate?

    What I do.
    Step 1. We agree to a facilitated relationship restoration process. This has core elements as well as bespoke elements depending on the circumstances. We agree to the fee and the process, plus time frame.
    Step 2. I meet with each partner. We have a long form confidential conversation where I seek to fully understand each persons individual experience, without judgement and in complete safety. There may be a requirement for some communication skills training and coaching.
    Step 3. We have a joint facilitated conversation, with me as mediator/steward. We only do this when both parties are ready and able to participate fully from a place of understanding the others world view.
    Step 4. Resolution reached or agreement to next steps.

    My success.
    To date, 100% success rate in progressing a business relationship/partnership to a more healthy dynamic and the opportunity for ongoing mutually beneficial growth.

    2. You are setting up a business relationship/partnership and you want to be sure to avoid it going south, either in the short or long term.This conversation occurs prior to a legal agreement being crafted, and will support the ease of setting up the legal agreement, plus enable the skills for each partner to be able to navigate relationship complexity and change if and when that occurs.

    What I do.
    Step 1. We meet, agree to work together, and agree to the time frame and fee.
    Step 2. I meet with each partner individually for a confidential conversation that explores purpose, values, meaning, world view, ability and capacity to manage conflict, etc. This gives me the objective understanding of potential conflicts, and skills and capacities that may need to be developed. Note this is focused on the human relationship side of the equation instead of the pure commercial side, which will be handled by your legal team.
    Step 3. We meet together and I share findings. We co-craft the ideal relationship agreement, including how to manage disagreements, skills that we may need to build, what happens when the unexpected happened including unexpected success, how to work with expectations on an ongoing basis.
    Step 4. We agree on any ongoing facilitation or skills development, or 1-1 development work.

…. if you have a team that is dysfunctional, stuck in blaming, back stabbing, petty infighting….

 … if you have an executive team or board that simply cannot see eye to eye…

 Or a break down with a key staff member that is consuming time, energy, effort and attention..

I can help. Don’t leave it a moment longer.

 I have worked with hundreds of teams and partnerships over the years to clean up dysfunction, create structures of relationship, teach simple tools that can be deployed again and again and remove the enormous time and energetic cost of business relationships that are broken or dysfunctional.

I started working with executive teams in the late 1990’s, within the Australian banking industry. I created and taught a program called “Dare to Care- how to speak the radical truth with compassion”, that was delivered to thousands of staff in Australia and New Zealand. I have written an ebook, “Speak the Truth” on the art of saying almost anything to anyone and having it be well received. I have seen and heard it all, including the utter waste and pain of business relationships that have been mired in upset for 5 or more years, and then cleaned up after a few weeks of my work.

I know the high cost of not putting the right relational structures in place from the get go. Just as you know to get the right legal agreements in place, if you do not also have clarity and alignment around the human relational dynamics then you will most likely fail. Because let’s face it, almost no-one is taught how to get the relational structure and dynamics right – it is usually trial and error …with a lot of error.

 I know how to bring a diverse team of people together to do remarkable things, entirely self-managed, and without a single human upset…because for 30 years of trying, I failed. And like Edison’s light bulb, I finally got it right, and am now duplicating that and teaching others. Imagine the possibility of a human symphony, an experience we long for, and rarely get.

 If you want to save yourself the enormous cost of time, energy, effort, pain, sleepless nights, lost income and lost opportunity that happens when business relationships go pear shaped then start on the right foot.

 The process and cost

 As each team and dynamic is different, the first step is to discuss your situation. When we look at the situation together we will determine a fee that respects all parties. In most cases, the fee will be a fraction of the true cost of relationship breakdown. Email me direct christine at, or call 61 414384000.

General Facilitation

Do you need an objective facilitator able to manage highly complex environments with multiple stakeholders and divergent opinions or opportunities?

Do you want someone with a steady hand, a direct style, yet able to be non-judgemental and compassionate when required. ie. to call BS when it is evident and also be able to support a non blame, non shame environment?
Are you seeking a person skilled in adult human development, human relationship dynamics and communication and conflict skills, someone very capable of holding ground in a high stress, highly emotional environment?

I work with:

*Teams who need to work on strategy
*Teams who are trying to resolve issues internally or externally
*Team who seek to progress to a higher order of alignment and functionality
*Teams who are facing a very difficult situation and wish to find an elegant pathway forward
*Complex scenario planning for potentially different futures
*Teams who need to advance to a more accountable, self managed structure

1. We meet and agree to the facilitation work. Generally there is a combination of bespoke and core elements to each facilitated process. It may require some 1-1 interviews prior to the facilitated event to get a solid and diverse background and understanding of various issues.
We agree the process, the timing and the cost.
2. Facilitation occurs
3. Ongoing work as agreed and if required. This may include some training and development work, leadership skills and coaching.

2:23AM Integrity is the Essence


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