I speak on Beautiful Business – the kind of human enterprise we all long for, where people get to show up and be fully valued, where our work is purposeful, appropriately challenging, and creates things and services that add value to Earth and all the creatures upon it.

I speak on integrity. On how leaders need to seriously upgrade their game, and be their word. How integrity in organisational design is critical for the success of human enterprise if we all desire to thrive in a world where all human thriving is not the first choice.

As someone who has created local and global movements, I know how to bring very diverse, wildly talented people together around a central purpose to create amazing projects, and to do this without human upset, or a job description.

I am an advocate for self managed and deliberately developmental organisations. I have built the models and designed the process. I have fluency in the combination of technology and human relational design, deploying blockchain and digital tokens to enable all human values and contributions to be acknowledged.

I am Co-Founder and Chief Steward of Big Blue Sky, an annual event that brings multiple sectors together to co-create more viable and regenerative communities and as such works with 3 levels of government as well as business, entrepreneurs and startups.

I am on the governance board for Common Cents – co-designing a crypto currency that supports a global community to establish a Universal Basic Income and capital for social enterprise investment.

I work with entrepreneurs and founders in the tech world to build beautiful businesses and to gain aligned funding.

As a speaker Christine is a dynamo, passionate, compassionate and entertaining. She will challenge you to see the world of work and human enterprise differently. She will ask you as individual leaders to raise your own bar. She will speak on the massive disruptions of technology, particularly blockchain and how we must redesign human enterprise systems to adapt to a changing world economic system. She is one of the few Australian women speakers who understands systems dynamics and blockchain application to human enterprise and the need for the creation of complimentary currencies to enable all human thriving.

Blockchain and human value systems
Systems thinking and design for the future of enterprise
Organisational design for deliberately developmental, self managed organisations
Complimentary Currencies for community thriving
Collaboration, synergy, co-ordination – bringing people together to co-create world changing projects
Integrity – in a world of alternative facts we need to practice integrity
Beautiful Business -where integrity is the essence
Stewardship as the new form of leadership
How to be a whistleblower. Find your voice and change the story.


She has spoken to audiences around the world, and would be delighted to speak to yours.

Big Blue Sky

I attended your presentation at AIM last week which I thoroughly related to and enjoyed. I was impressed with the way you connected with the audience and your questioning technique to unravel the onion layers in your example with Brett (who obviously was technically wired) was brilliant and non threatening. This enabled him to reflect on his responses, without reacting defensively, and thus see how his agenda was actually contributing to his problem with ‘Bob’.
I was so impressed with your presentation that I visited your website and downloaded your ebook and read it. I have also applied the first question of “what do you want for the other person” to a very difficult conversation that I had recently. It was a challenging conversation and there will be a follow-up to it next week where I will apply the same caring principle. The person that I am dealing with has a blind spot in relation to their interpersonal skills which is a potential derailer to their personal success. My aim is to give help my colleague to reflect on the feedback in the hope of them seeing this blind spot.

Dianne Firman, Brisbane, Australia

Beautiful Business for all human thriving


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