Speak the Truth…
7 steps to radical truth with compassion

speakthetruth-cover3Transform even the most toxic relationship back to neutral ground. More often than not, reignite respect, trust, care, understanding and love.

Relationship issues…we all have them. The 101 class of relating skills is called the school of hard knocks. It doesn’t have to be that way. This powerful little ebook provides a road map to rich, clean and open relationships in life, and business.

The 7 step process of Speak the Truth will

  • allow relationships that seemed forever broken to heal
  • find a pathway to compassion where only anger and upset existed
  • support the healthy navigation of complex territory such as negotiations for emotionally charged issues~ salary increases, divorce settlements, intimate partner upsets…

During the 7 step process of Speak the Truth you will

Learn how to take a stand for yourself
No longer play small
Ask for what you want
Move beyond anger, fear, frustration
Uncover your own self deception
Move from ego centred righteousness to a genuine willingness to listen and serve the other
Access humility
Evolve your own perspective
Find a sense of inner peace
Move from blame and victim hood to grounded and self empowered
Enhance your own self esteem
Find the diamond in the pain
Create a field of grace for you and the other
Be real in a conversation where you may have fear or nervousness, and still be able to say what needs to be said
Express the fullness of who you are and what really matters to you
Evolve your own personal mastery
Enhance your ability for conscious communication

The Cost of Not Speaking the Truth

At the personal level

Sleepless nights
Broken families
Unhappy workplaces
Feeling misunderstood, judged, inadequate
Depression and suffering

In Business

The cost of not speaking the truth at work is incomprehensible. Think of all the times spent cleaning up relational issues, miscommunications, unmet expectations, false assumptions. Not just the cost in time, money and inefficiency, but also the cost in energy spent, the loss of focus, the compounding effects of stress. If we have a higher competency in our conscious communication and leadership tools, reducing significantly the interpersonal conflicts and lack of clear communication, this allows another element to enter the fray. Something even more powerful. When clean communication is present, more intelligence is able to be accessed. Not just because the garbage noise has been reduced. But because when two or more people sit with each other in a clean space, the field of access is opened in a transpersonal way.

This is the basis of collective intelligence and synergy. The space between atoms, particles, objects, ideas, people…is available when the friction is reduced. Here lies genius, innovation…breathtaking brilliance…the kind of outcomes most organisations aspire to. When the space between people is jumbled with petty hurt feelings, anger, guarded responses, mistrust and other emotionally charged issues, the kind of innovative genius is not able to be accessed.

In our civil society

Not speaking the truth has created the world we have where the game of politics and big business is lies and deception. We no longer have any trust or respect in our leaders. We have become numb to the constant lies and broken promises. It is costing us no less than everything.

Speak the Truth. Speak the Truth, 7 Steps to Radical Truth with Compassion, is the culmination of the last 25 years of my life learning to have the most important, the most difficult, the most emotional conversations, and to do so with dignity and compassion for all.

Speaking the Truth to another person is fraught with danger. The possibility to upset, offend, increase the rift between, be mis-understood, bring your own upset, anger, blame…into the conversation, is very real.

The 7 step process to Speaking the Truth was designed specifically to avoid these and other common pitfalls. And yet it takes courage. And skill…to get a conversation right when the stakes are high.

I participated in one of Christine Mc Dougall’s on line Speak the Truth teleclasses. It was really impressive. What she advised was really amazing. Simply amazing. I haven’t been able to put it out of my mind and it remains inspirational. Here is a guy, a really good man and he is fighting for money to build a community school to improve all number if things in the future. (The January 2012 recording, available for free download) Obviously he wants to create friendships between children which will take them into a wonderful world of lessened racial tension, lessened narrow views born of ignorance. Yet, he tells Christine that the minute he begins to put his case for funding to this white dominated committee , he can almost see their eyes rolling back in their heads, and feel their minds closing. Christine’s answer to this is simply profound.
Until he asks himself the first question of the 7 step process: What do I want FOR them? This is a lesson for everyone in sales. This is a lesson for everyone dealing in relationship problems. This is a very special question. It is all about inter-connectivity. It’s not about US and THEM. Whilst it’s us and them-it will not work. It’s the super glue in the equation.
I cannot stop thinking about this. It matters not who is right and who is wrong. It’s the ability to relate with compassion. How we cannot hear somebody when they are coming from anger because we react to this. Or they cannot hear us when we come from anger. Or when truth is uttered-and a REALISATION felt, there IS a silence. This is REAL communication. Eyes don’t roll when these thing happens. This is not easy work-it’s something you have to dig deep into a realisation that we are all connected and hunger for that connection. Making that your main game and everything falls effortlessly into place.
Thank you Christine.
– Julie Rouse, Brisbane, Australia

If you crave

Fabulous relationships
Freedom from the pain of the unspoken
The ability to be compassionately assertive
The desire to be heard and understood, sometimes for the first time ever
Less stress and better sleep
Increased vitality and self confidence
Reduced fear

Speak the Truth ebook is only a little book, 23 pages. It will take no more than 30 minutes to read…less if you are a fast reader. But to apply it and practice it will take you much longer…so this ebook is a reference book, the kind you can pull out again and again and again.

I am the copyright owner of this ebook, which simply means that you cannot sell it, or steal it, without attribution. Please feel free to quote from it, as long as you include a link back here and do not change the content.

Fellow bloggers, please link Speak the Truth here at this page.

A few other things you will learn from Speak the Truth

  • how to get out of your own way when you have an important thing to say
  • how to speak with heart and head, not just head.
  • what are the stakes for you of Speaking the Truth
  • what are the costs of not doing this?
  • increased personal integrity
  • ever more personal mastery

Mostly I want you to practice these steps. They take a while to learn, but with practice, they become so familiar to you, and of great worth. Relationships have been transformed through the application of this process. The value of that is immeasurable. I would LOVE to hear from you about your experience.

If you love this, and you love my work, which is about integrity, then I would love you to spread the word. I write a blog. Join me. I am building a tribe. Or sign up for my newsletter. And I offer one on one and group sessions that are built on a platform of rigorous integrity. You and your company may like to step out of murky waters, into a clean clear space? If so, drop me a note.

I signed up for the Speak the Truth teleclass because I really want to improve my communication skills especially when in conflict.
By doing the process I came to a very clear understanding (not in my head but in my heart) of where my responsibility lay in the situation and how my assumptions were just that. I saw how in truth I had no idea of what was truly going on and that there were many possibilities other than the ones I had created.
As such the process took me very quickly to a place of true compassion for the person I was feeling in conflict with and a “looking forward” to connecting with him instead of fear and dread.

The biggest single learning I had was to be very careful not to create stories around what I think or believe to be so about another person or their position but rather do the deep work of this process and then reach out and connect (with the Truth).

I am going to use the Speak the Truth material to connect to my heart, see where I may not be taking responsibility or making assumptions, move from a place of judgment and fear to one of greater understanding and compassion and finally to take the necessary action to communicate and connect in a deeper and more meaningful way.

Its obvious this material is ingrained in Christine and she walks her talk. She explains the material very well, she is kind yet strong, very intuitive and insightful. In a word masterful!

Speak the Truth is timely, imperative and brilliant.
– Gail Moore
Moore Master Coaching
“Hear Master Coaches coaching real world sessions”

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