Integrity Architect for Entrepreneurs Building Beautiful Business

Integrity is the only path where we never get lost.

How to build a Beautiful Business without falling prey to organisational termites, mission warp, cultural sagging and cowboy business practises.

A 6 to 12 month program of Coaching, Advisory, Organisational Design, Leadership Development and Strategic Foresight.

Commencing from $5000

Limited to 3 clients, by application only.

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Here is what I want you to know

Your business has a pattern integrity to it that was present in the Source Idea.

When you stay true to that pattern integrity, and become a leader/steward of the Source Idea, you will create a business that reflects your deepest values while serving humanity.

When you invest in your development and the development of your culture and all of your people, the saying, culture eats strategy for breakfast, will be demonstrated as True.

Beautiful Business enables a more beautiful world that our heart knows is possible. We can create a world where business becomes an exemplar for the good, the true and the beautiful.

As an Integrity Architect I work to prevent 

*The insidious spread of organisational and cultural termites

*Vision and Mission warp where we slowly trade our values, strategy and integrity for profit, status and power

*Cowboy business people who see a wild wild west of win as much as you can

*Leaders who neglect their own foundational development and become blind to their own hypocrisy and thirst for domination

*Tech companies who overlay the old broken system onto new technology platforms and call that innovation

I am Dr. Christine McDougall and I am an Integrity Architect for Entrepreneurs as they build their beautiful business – a complete expression of their Source Idea, aligned to their values, ethics and purpose, avoiding any integrity violations at the leadership, governance, design, team and service level.

My clients choose the path of integrity as the only path, tired of business as a finite game of win as much as you can and hypocritical leaders blind to their own self deception.

Together we work on everything from strategy, people, leadership, finance, organisational design, product design and service delivery all through the lens of integrity, vigilant to the inevitable micro and macro violations that tempt us every day.

The outcome – a Beautiful Business – flourishing and attractive, and an exemplar to those seeking  a more beautiful world that our heart knows is possible.

Integrity is the only path where we never get lost.

Let’s walk it together.


There are no short cuts to integrity.

While I believe that Integrity is the best path to real success, it is not the easiest. 

Together lets make Integrity in Business sexy… 

What you will get:

Process and logistics The value this gives you
Complete the online application form The questions are designed to allow you to clarify if this is the right path for you to take. I want you to be absolutely clear that it is. It also enables us to quickly establish if we are a values match.
If approved (expect a response in 24 hours), we book a meeting for the Drawing Board session I am pretty good at responding. I may need to ask further clarifying questions. We will then book a mutually agreeable time for our Drawing Board session.
The Drawing Board – we meet for an hour at no fee, and extra time at an agreed fee (as needed) to establish that we will produce the results you desire. The meeting is either in person or by Skype or Zoom. It can be with the founder, with partners, or with a team, as required. The Drawing Board has 3 core intentions. (1) Establish the foundation of an excellent relationship so that we begin to trust each other (2) Help me understand exactly where you and your business are so I can be sure I am the right person to help you. (3) Consider how best we might proceed, so that you feel aligned to the plan and path.

We meet using the best medium available to us. I work with clients all over the world. I do travel to cities in the world to work with clients at an extra fee.

Agree to the fee and scope of Phase 1. including presentation of findings. This is done in writing to be sure we are all aligned. Be sure there is clarity for all parties before proceeding to Phase 1.
Invoice is submitted and paid prior to commencement of Phase 1. Getting money handled cleanly and clearly allows us to focus on the work we have agreed to.
Proceed to Phase 1. For an existing business

I take the time to understand the business in its current state. I start with a deep understanding of the Source Idea around which the enterprise was originally created.  I consider leadership capacity and capability, conducting interviews with key staff, stakeholders and clients. I  look at the cultural and organisational design, the communication flows, teams, products and services and financials as well as getting a sense of where the business might exist and thrive within the local and global ecosystem.

As an Integrity Architect I am seeking places of alignment, areas of dissonance, any stagnation, redundancy or excess at the systems, structure, relational, cultural, individual, leadership and behavioural level.

The better I understand the whole, and its parts, the better I am able to add real value.

As an objective witness observing the alignment or misalignment of the Integrity Architecture in your business, I will see what you may have missed.

This process is often very illuminating for you, as you begin to see things through an objective perspective. Questions I may ask often give you valuable insight.

Proceed to Phase 1. For a Startup

My first imperative is to understand the original impulse behind the business (Source Idea), to get into the marrow of the why, and to get to know you, the leader/founder. What have you done so far, what has worked, not worked, where are your blind spots, skills, who is on the team, who needs to be on the team, what would success look like, what are the local and global opportunities, where is the finance coming from, how do you managed money, what is your strategy?

As an Integrity Architect at this early stage I am seeking the most elegant way to ensure the enterprise is built in full coherence and alignment to the integrity of the enterprise, the founding stewards and all stakeholders so that you can save yourself time, cost, false starts, and unnecessary speed bumps.
Presentation of findings – 

I present my findings and suggest strategies. Please note, findings are presented in a simple written form as well as verbally with discussion. Presentation of findings are included in the Phase 1. fee for both existing businesses and startups.

My findings are presented in a simple way to ensure comprehensive understanding before we precede to Phase 2.

The written format is to ensure you have a documented record of the findings and the verbal presentation enables us to explore questions and the begin to look at solutions.

Agree to implementation of actions, the outcomes we are aiming for, and the fee and time frame. In writing and signed by both parties. If I have done my job well to this point, the implementation Phase is more of a partnering than consulting. At all times my aim is to ensure that you as founder/leader have examined all options and are 100% aligned to the path we choose.

We have also clearly and cleanly discussed money and terms in advance.

First invoice submitted for Phase 2. and paid in advance. So that we can commence cleanly.

Invoices can be paid up front in full at a 7% discount, or monthly/quarterly in advance.

Phase 2. Structural Design

From this point, we work as partner/collaborators around any initiative implemented by mutual agreement.  I will be a combination or advisor, coach, consultant, mentor, sounding board, mirror and catalyst as needed and agreed.

This may include a combination of 1-1 coaching, team coaching, facilitation, education and training, organisational design and advise.

I do have a team of trusted others in different fields who may need to be brought in by agreement with their expertise. (Governance law, finance, investors, marketing, leadership, design, strategy, branding etc)

Given every business is different, and every leader is addressing different areas of their own development, there is no “one size fits all”.

Together we agree to implementation strategy, and review processes, and we can adapt as needed.

Given the rapid change occurring in many places in business, a well designed implementation plan may need to be adapted on the fly. We do this together.

Usually there is an intense period of initial implementation, and then my engagement might be more light touch, where we might focus mostly on leadership development ongoing. Often I work with leaders and their organisations for a long time, as the depth of relationship and my continued personal upgrade of knowledge and skills ensures optimal effectiveness with deep trust and mutual respect.

Completion of Phase 2.

At the end of Phase 2. we review outcomes, and consider best options ongoing.

While we have ongoing conversations around the process success and outcomes during implementation, there is a formal time scheduled at the end of our agreed engagement so that we can review and consider any further steps as needed.
6 months minimum, generally 12 months

6 months programs need to be complete within 7 months

12 month programs to be completed in 14 months

I will recommend what I consider best time duration based on the circumstances, complexity, and phase your business is in. 6 months is the minimum time needed to do sustainable work.

The extra time for completion enables room for holidays and other forms of disruption.

Combination of 1-1 coaching, advisory, team work, leadership development, training, facilitation. The combination allows our implementation to work. Some things need to be delivered in a group training process so everyone is aligned, some people need more hands on support and mentoring, often we need to facilitate strategy sessions, and almost always leaders need to be constantly working on their own development.
Usually we meet every week. It can be every other week, depending upon strategy and speed. The important thing about meeting regularly is to maintain momentum. In cases of an extreme deadline, I often check in with the founder every day, even if very briefly.

I am generally available for phone calls between sessions which I welcome.

Meetings can be recorded if requested. This is up to you. Some people love to have a recording so they can review.
Occasionally we might need to bring in another consultant/adviser. We do this by agreement, and with full transparency around the fee. This is so you can be assured of the best outcomes under the support of the best specialist service.
Generally there is significant off line work, which is included in the fee. As much of the value I bring is strategic, I do spend time thinking, writing and reading about your business. I need to consider various complexities, consider emerging patterns both within the business and within the larger world of the business.

I take my work and relationships very seriously, often to the point where it feels very much like I am an integral part of the business. I think about my clients all the time, always considering best options, with as much foresight and objectivity as possible.

Introductions to my valued global network I am very strategic with my introductions. They are carefully curated as I often see clearly the powerful synergies that will occur when introductions are made.

Under the aegis of the client relationship, introductions are part of the relationship value. Occasionally introductions produce business outcomes that advance both parties. If and when this occurs, we may agree on a brokering fee prior to the advancement of the business opportunity.



Building to Serve – Outcomes of working with me

The thread of integrity is evident in all domains of your enterprise, from within, to without.

Technology that is designed with a whole systems approach. In the world of tech and blockchain cowboys there is a gold rush to transfer old broken models onto new platforms and call that innovation. Integrity Architecture for tech design will ensure you build real innovation, to serve humanities healthy future.

The story of your business is compelling, attractive to others, and is a model to be exemplified. People come to your business to work, to experience, to serve, to learn.

You have co-created coherent, fast paced, self managed teams with little requirement for oversight. This has removed a significant layer of hierarchy and cost, and increased the ability for flow and speed.

You have built a deliberately developmental organisation where culture is as important as strategy. Your people come to work in their full and developing agency, able to work together within the community.

You are a far better leader – able to stay your  ground in most circumstances, handle multiple perspectives and ask excellent questions. You are not afraid of your own authority, and yet the requirement to exercise it is minimal.

You and the organisation have the ability to adapt to and respond to complex change because you understand the difference between simple, complicated, complex and chaotic and how to navigate differently in each.

You are in a constant conversation with the future of your business, and have the foresight to make changes strategically in advance because you have the space to consider the future as well as to respond to the needs of the present.

If this is a hell yes for your business and life, then apply here.


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