I write 2.23am A Call to Uncommon Action, because I love to support the emancipation of the human spirit to the highest level through the expression of business and loved work. Given we work from a very different model of business, one that considers value in multiple domains, this site is not your ‘business as usual’ site. We do not engage in advertising, nor do we bombard you with marketing material. Anything we offer we offer as a true invitation to participate. We hold you as sovereign in your choices, and to that end, endeavour to honour your ability to choose with discernment.

If you wish to express your gratitude for what we do, then we invite you to make a contribution to our work. This contribution is not tax deductible, as we are not a registered charity. The contribution may be in the form of the following.

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1. A small monthly membership fee. You can terminate this at any time of your choosing, easily.

2. A one time payment as a Patron.

3. Email me directly to discuss offerings in domains other than money, such as speaking engagements, guest posts, or any value you have in abundance that you desire to share.

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