An exploration of brilliance, timing and the future

“Be so brilliant no-one can ignore you.” I heard this comment and thought how easy life would be if it were as simple as that. How hard have I beat myself up for ‘obviously’ being far less than brilliant. But what of brilliance who’s time is too soon? Those pioneers who see a future few other see, and their brilliance … Read More

How do we give wild flight?

There is a part of each of us that is wild. Rough, raw, prone to fury. Uncontained. This morn reminded me of my wildness. It reminded me of the few places in society we can allow our wildness to live out loud. Perhaps dancing in your living room. Or running a trail. Attending a music festival. Camping, hiking. The need … Read More

That which stands in the way is the way. The revival of the Goddess Isis

That which stands in the way is the way. Pema Chodron The Middle East is a seething cauldron of diverse values. It’s complexity extends back thousands of years. Added to its inherent complexity is the tampering of Imperial Colonists, right up to George Bush and his band of ‘keen to make millions from the spoils’ men. I am not going … Read More

What is a commodity? Integral Accounting Part 2

Commodity – origin- late Middle English – beneficial, useful. From Latin, commodus ‘convenient.’ We live in a world were humans are regularly labeled as consumers. Where economists and governments seek to ‘increase consumption’ in order to ‘sustain‘ growth. I am not entirely sure how these words can live in the same sentence because they certainly don’t live in any viable … Read More

A place for the wild things – homogeneous business need not apply

There is a natural dance between homogenisation and diversification. Humans for the most part desire sameness and safety. Nature loves its wild things. The aberrations to the path. The bird with wings that cannot fly. The beautiful vibrant berries that are filled with deadly poison. Nature figured it out a few billion years before us. Yet we humans try to … Read More

Lipstick on a toad – applying sustainability practices within the frame of our existing finance and business systems and why that won’t work

I am a positive person. I have my doubts about the apocalyptic stories…about how we are in such a stage of crisis as never before. Do I believe that we are undergoing the 6th mass extinction…yes…probably…and do I believe it is largely man made…yes…I do. My ’empirical’ evidence is as follows…go to any large Mall anywhere in the world at … Read More

Syntropy, entropy and business models for sustainability

Our mother Sun radiates out energy…more energy than the world can ever use. This radiation of energy is entropic.  In providing us energy the sun is very slowly breaking down. The Sun gives. That given energy is condensed on Earth. This ability to concentrate is syntropy. Energy as light is miraculously converted through photosynthesis, where Carbon dioxide..CO2…yes that stuff that … Read More

Discernment, decision making, the art of seeing and synthesising

There is an old story about the war in the valley. The kind of war that had horses, swords, and armour. The leader of the one side of the battle is in the valley, and the leader of the other side of the battle is on top of the mountain overlooking the valley, with an information relay team transmitting data … Read More