Beauty of Beginnings – July 19th | Beauty of Beginnings

The question mark? What do I do with my life? The agony of the in-between. There are times in our lives where the next move is in shadow. Keep doing what is right in front of you. Do it with all your heart. Give a hundred times more of your love to your work, what ever that may be. Doing … Read More

Die Exhausted from Creativity

Retire from what? We can only retire from that which steals from our soul. Showing up each day in service to something far greater than our singular self is an additive, enriching every fibre of our being. I cannot imagine a life of stopping. I want to be so thoroughly used up. I want each day to feel alive with … Read More

Two approaches – abundant of spirit, or critical, righteous and the prima-donna

Two approaches One. Yesterday I saw myself in less than favourable colours. I attended an event and I walked in with preconceived judgement that was sourced from some field of my old default pattern of superiority. “I know better.” This approach shut down a whole world of possibility. I squeezed myself into a narrow field of righteousness. And criticism. Exactly … Read More

The blues can be beautiful too

To wake and feel blue might be experienced as a problem, or a gift. Those blue moods are calling out to us…warning of some part of self that needs attendance. Look… here…..go deeper…go down into the messy dark places that never see light.. For there…there is a pulse of an ancient memory that longs to be seen. And in the … Read More

How do we give wild flight?

There is a part of each of us that is wild. Rough, raw, prone to fury. Uncontained. This morn reminded me of my wildness. It reminded me of the few places in society we can allow our wildness to live out loud. Perhaps dancing in your living room. Or running a trail. Attending a music festival. Camping, hiking. The need … Read More

On this golden morning seek beauty

A paddleboarder moves towards the light. The mighty sun, not yet cresting the horizon, gives the clouds above a lazer cut fabric like appearance. There is a sense of peace and calm. This is a golden scene. Golden…a word that evokes treasure, beauty, brilliance, wealth, light, expansiveness…. When the world is golden it is hard to imagine pain and suffering… … Read More

On being home

I am blessed to live where I do. Home is such a rich word….four simple letters that in their unique combination speak of ground, earth, place, space, relationship, community, rest, nourish, peace, joy, love, birth, death, celebration, shelter….. I could not imagine not loving your that the place you inhabit, the community in which you live or the country … Read More

On hope, New Years, and absolute yes’s

January 1st Rather than stay up to see the fireworks I like to get up early to greet the sun on the first day of the new year. It is the busiest early morning on the beach, with hundreds of people lingering from the night before, and a few, like me, inspired to get up early to see the dawn. … Read More

A more miraculous world

I have so many people to thank for their extraordinary acts of generosity this year. Last year I felt my life was bereft of miracles. I wanted to to be the person who experienced many miracles as a normal part of living. And so it was this year. I am not sure if this was because I opened myself to … Read More