4 Conversations to enable your team to produce exponential outcomes in a world where human work is being replaced by technology | Exponential Outcomes for Teams

As we are entering a world where humans will be replaced with technology, the few areas that robotics and AI will not be able to address, at least in the immediate term, are the very human qualities. Trust, care, respect, empathy, synergy, creativity, resilience and heart felt connection. For those who care about the relevance of the future of humanity, … Read More

When we lose connection with the pattern integrity of a business or project. What we can learn about organisational design, culture, hubris and collusion from the Commonwealth Games 2018 Closing Ceremony. | Commonwealth Games Closing Ceremony 2018

The 2018 Commonwealth Games were held in my home town. The first time the Commonwealth Games had been held in a regional city. They were amazing. I was so proud. I went to a hand full of events and I volunteered at the athletics stadium for seven days. My daughter was thrilled to be a volunteer dancer in the closing … Read More

Attended to

Relationships do not break down in one fell swoop. Just as atrocities do not start large. The signs are evident, but for want of attention. We neglect to attend to the things that we want the most. This is how we sabotage. We shut down the small whispers that tug at our consciousness in the dark hours. The odd feeling … Read More

Clean Communication- the foundation of all great and enduring relationships | Clean Communication

Clean communication is at the very foundation of any integrous, generative relationship. Defining what clean communication is Clean Communication has no “negative charge” to it. There is no component of it that has any form of attack, shame, blame, upset, anger, manipulation, ridicule, disdain, lies or otherwise. Unclean communication may be consciously or unconsciously delivered. Consciously delivered unclean communication may … Read More

Where art thou respect? Lost, needing to be found | Finding respect

We do not have to agree with someone, even like them. But are we able to respect them? Are we able to respect that they took a stand? Risked something? Spoke while others remained silent? Is there something we can find in another that we are able to respect? Respect means to look again. ORIGIN late Middle English: from Latin … Read More

At What Price Integrity in the Workplace | Integrity in the workplace

I am reasonably smart women, very well read, able to converse with pretty much anyone on many issues, able to see complexity as well as most of the most able, and yet I feel I  suffer in the world I work in, because I haven’t done a few things. I haven’t: (Yet) Built a multi million dollar company. Made millions. … Read More

Leadership Development for the 21st Century – How to build a leadership program for complex times | Leadership Development

The integral leader as a student would be challenged, informed, taught to think creativity, openly, expansively, to ask great questions, to be unafraid to not know the answers, be able to stand in humility, and authority, to inspire through their own being, to dance with change, hold their nerve, have great compassion, take responsibility, acknowledge their shadow and weaknesses, speak with clarity and truth, and live a life that reflects their deepest values. They would represent the essence of a positive deviant.