Beauty of Beginnings – January 15th

Could Nature possibly create something without beauty? The question asks us to consider everything, including ourselves. We humans have yet to learn humility in the face of Nature. We have, for so long, given ourselves a position of dominion over Nature under the delusion that we know better. Nature knows beauty because Nature knows integrity, synergy, and love – the … Read More

Beautiful Business for All Human Thriving- 6 Pillars of Integrity Architecture, 40 Considerations for a Beautiful Business | 6 Pillars for Beautiful Business

Placing what matters as the primary reason we engage in enterprise. Earth, all its creatures, and each other. This article and body of work is for those of you who seek to create enterprises that support our present and future well being comprehensively. Following an introduction to the work of R.Buckminster Fuller in my 20’s that insisted that I question … Read More