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Dissonance occurs when there is a lack of harmony between notes. A pattern interrupt.

Nature has a harmonic.

When we humans leave nature alone, the harmonic is evident. Even in the midst of a violent storm, the pattern is evident.

Our ability as humans to tune into dissonance, to be aware of the pattern interrupt, is both intrinsic and able to be cultivated.

Often we do not know that we are speaking to an experience of dissonance when we start labelling the experience.

We feel it, sense it. Accurate words often escape us. Instead there might be emotions. We might lash out.

We sense the ‘wrongness’, but we cannot identify source.

A child born with the natural ability to be an athlete is not designed to be a painter. They may enjoy painting, yet this is not a language that they inhabit with the fluency of athleticism. To force the child to be a painter is to violate the Pattern Integrity of the child.

The leader as steward has the responsibility to ensure the Pattern Integrity of our creative endeavour, be that a project, a company or an event.

To not impose their own wants upon the creation, as we humans have done with nature. But to honour the creation itself, for itself, and serve its best interests in its expression.

This is not easy. Yet when we do this well, Universe does what Universe does.

Sings with one song.



Photo Taken May 16th 2016

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