Beauty of Beginnings – January 30th

Hurt people hurt people.

Why do the broken break? Why do we lash out in our pain to inflict pain on others and in the process breed pain?

The contagion of pain and hurt, isolation, alienation and brokenness afflicts us all, directly or indirectly.

If we really drop into the craziness of this act, if we recognise that our reciprocation of pain when in pain is propagating the disease, we realise that what the sages have been teaching us forever is actually wisdom of astounding value.

Compassion, kindness, matter what the atrocity, is the cure.

Vengeance is the virus. Love and kindness is the antidote.

Hard to look at the beauty of a sunrise, to really see it, and keep our hate.

Beauty will save the world. xx


Photo taken 17th December 2015

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