How do we empower the makers, dreamers and doers of society?


Non conformity + community building. Do not try and take my uniqueness and have it fit. And, encourage me to work with the whole community towards something bigger than any one of us. All of us are misfits in some area. And all of us want to find our tribe.

Curiosity + Constraints. Always endlessly curious, and living in a world where the constraints (real and designed) build super ordinary creativity. Because constraints and creativity enable humans to cross thresholds into uncharted spaces.

Activity + contemplation. I am to do, to make, to build. And both before, during and after the building process, I am to contemplate, consider, observe and question the consequences.

Impossibility + great questions. Don’t tell me its impossible. Ask me a question that either makes the impossible possible, or gets me to create a step towards the impossible becoming possible.

Encouragement + feedback. How easy is it to ridicule, criticize, and tear down. Does it help? Anyone?  (Except perhaps your feelings of righteousness as you ridicule.) Encourage = heart felt. Give feedback, also heartfelt. See the effort, see the bravery in starting. Ask a question, give feedback to build up, and build up some more.

Photo Credit: Ian Schneider

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