Die Exhausted from Creativity

Retire from what?
We can only retire from that which steals from our soul.
Showing up each day in service to something far greater than our singular self is an additive, enriching every fibre of our being.

I cannot imagine a life of stopping. I want to be so thoroughly used up. I want each day to feel alive with possibility.

Die exhausted from loving.
From open hearting until the expanse is too great to comprehend.

Die exhausted from adventure.

From that wild unknown. From adventures of mind, body and spirit. New technologies. New language. Music and dance of the teenagers. Fail to understand it? Inhabit it. Taste it. Live in it. You are never too old to explore the edges where the young live.

Walk in the shoes. Try it on. Age stands on a pedestal and ridicules.

We all felt it from our elders when we were young.
“But you don’t understand.” We would say. And we were right.
Our elders failed to walk in our world. Don’t allow yourself the same limited options.

Die exhausted from adventure.
From doing things that terrify. Challenge. Ask you to be/act/do difficult things.

Die exhausted from wonder.
Never stop the flow of curiosity. Of living in the questions. Of not knowing.

Die exhausted from moving.
Strength is practice.
Movement is life.

Die exhausted from giving.

This is to live, all the way until the end.

2:23AM Integrity is the Essence


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