Arrested development – two behavioural diseases we urgently need to inoculate ourselves from

Step overs and blind spots

We step over so much. We do not speak up when we need. And then get upset when we get more of what we need to speak up about. Then we get angry. And then we blame.

There are only two questions to ask. When did I first fail to say, “No”. “This is not acceptable to me?” When did I first agree to silence my voice? For this was the beginning of the fall.
And…”Will I find my voice and no longer be silent?”

We have tunnel vision. Like a bower bird, we see the bright shiny thing. We are seduced. From an early age told to not think for ourselves. It is this way because mum or dad or the teacher said so. Don’t ask questions. Don’t challenge. It is gospel. Don’t argue.

We need to ask, on repeat. “What information am I missing? Why are these people responding like this? What don’t I understand about this?” “Who says it has to be this way?” “Just because it is written in this book, or spoken on this channel, or in this newspaper doesn’t make it true.”

2:23AM Integrity is the Essence


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