Are you late because of traffic or because you are traffic?

Are you late because of traffic or because you are traffic?

I read this last week and stopped dead in my tracks. A subtle level of recognition of responsibility, that when spoken, removes our entangled connection to being a victim. And we are constantly, usually without realising, occupying the territory of victim hood. (Where we place the blame outside of ourselves.)

Am I traffic?

There is a well known saying…”If you are not part of the solution, you must be part of the problem.”

How about…if you are not part of the problem, then you cannot be part of the solution? But to admit we are part of the problem creates a higher level of responsibility than most of us are willing to consider. Far easier to have the problem be ‘over there.’

How would our perspective change if we named ourselves part of the problem? Not to become a victim, but to liberate ourselves from victim hood? For that is what happens we when take true responsibility. The death of our own victim status enables the highest form of liberation.

Think of all the problems you are currently working on. Where are you in them? Central? Peripheral? Or far removed?

Am I traffic?

Am I dysfunctional relationship?

Am I income disparity?

Am I war?

Am I climate change?

Am I refugee, asylum seeker?

Where we locate ourselves in the geometry of a problem matters to the solution being comprehensive and untainted by saviour heroics.

2:23AM Integrity is the Essence


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