Future leadership attributes required for rapid change

*ability to see the whole system, not just the enterprise, and how it relates to other enterprises, the local and global economies, the emerging future and the past conditions

*ability to empower others to lead, make decisions and take full responsibility for their actions, choices and consequence

*leader as steward, not commander

*comfort in extreme uncertainty and chaos

*capacity to hold the tension between the known and unknown, the people within and without the organisation, and the emergent future

*comfort and self trust in standing on the edge of the emergent future constantly, knowing you have the team and skills to adapt and dance with what arises

*ability to handle multiple perspectives simultaneously

*understands that the process of development takes time. Nature has its own gestation. Patience in holding this process as it unfolds in people and systems

*comfort in creating an open and transparent organisation, where all people have access to everything, and everyone is considered capable of making decisions

*ability to be vulnerable, to not know, and to ask for help

*refusal to buy into pressure, scarcity, imposed vales

*able to work within constraints from a place of possibility

*see’s constraints as a source for creativity

*requires very few rules, and almost no red tape as the enterprise remains highly agile and very resilient and adaptable

*embeds just enough structure to enable context, not too much structure to kill creativity

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