We can – change the world today

We can;

Make every building an energy producer

Build zero waste cities

Grow healthy nutritious food locally

Reduce the cost of living via local energy and local food

Make everything cradle to cradle – zero waste

Eliminate litter from our streets

Take care of people with mental, emotional, spiritual or physical disability

Allow marriage rights to any two people who love (Bravo Ireland)

Ensure that a good part of our money stays local

Enable community investment in local assets

Enable everyone access to health care

Remove our addiction to non food food and its associated diseases such as obesity and diabetes and as such drop the cost of health care by about 80%

Get the community moving…more exercise for all

Build higher degrees of personal accountability and responsibility, and less dependance on government and other agencies

Make education available to all citizens

Stop socially acceptable discrimination against women and people of difference, and as such reduce bullying and domestic violence

Enable women a greater role in society and leadership

Reduce global poverty

All of these things we can do as responsible citizens, if we but choose. We do not need more technology, more money, more resources. Thinking we need these things is our socially conditioned brain making more excuses for what needs to be done. We simply need to muster the will. Not easy, yet completely do-able.

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