Failing well and often – the fear of failing keeps us from finding our most important attribute

From the moment we are born till our last breath we are inculcated with the glorious stories of success. We are taught early that you are either right or wrong, and being wrong is very bad. So bad in fact, that it is often not worth the risk of trying.

So we don’t put our hand up in class, we don’t ask the question, we don’t ask the person out on a date, we don’t say what we most want to say…

The fear of failing, of getting it wrong…contracts us into shells of who we really are.

The emphasis placed on us succeeding…on reaching our dreams and goals, is so high…that often we fail to start.

Imagine if we saw our dreams and goals as mere kindling to something far better. The call to our most authentic expression of self. And that by engaging our dreams, even if they do not come true…we come true?

Photo credit: Max Mayorov via Compfight

2:23AM Integrity is the Essence


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