Those who know the price of everything and the value of nothing

When we reduce everything to a monetary price and find ourselves arguing over the pennies, we have forgotten the value of so much more that would ever live in the pure transactional exchange.

In the reduction of our consideration of the whole ecosystem to money, we forget humanity, effort, love, care, relationships, the past, the future. We squeeze out any option of the synchronistic, the delightful, the serendipitous.

A human to human connection, or the possibility of a human to human connection, is never achieved in an engagement that reduces all value to an exchange of a representation of money.

In buying food from the supermarket, we have zero connection to the farmer who risked everything to bring food to our table. Or the truck driver that transported the food. When we lose this connection, we are indeed lost.

To live a life so blinkered by knowing the monetary price of everything, or arguing the monetary price of everything… is not to live at all.

Tell me..what price the sunrise? Time holding your infant child? Or the opening to a global network of people to aid your endeavors?

Where do these ‘costs’ live on your balance sheet as you argue over the money?

Photo credit:Creative Commons License Kevin Dooley via Compfight

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