Fill you day surrounded by people who fill your being with more than they take

Simple really. As we get more commitments and our schedule becomes heavily booked, we have to start making choices that are more energetically aligned. Choices that fill us with joy, enliven us…

This means saying no to conversations that are space fillers…like gossip…or complaining…it might even mean stopping complaining altogether.

Raise the bar. Cut the crap. Stop.

Say yes to deep connection, real human intimacy, people and events that add to the value of all.

Be rigorous with yourself. Remove the space fillers and energy suckers.

At the same time, do make yourself available to those people who have a genuine commitment to respect you and your time. Make sure you have space for generosity. To saying yes to the aligned impulse of another human being who has reached out to you.

Fill you day surrounded by people who fill your being with more than they take.

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