The role of a steward of business – creating and maintaining a flourishing field

Today I need to make a difficult request. It feels personal. But on examination, it is not.

When  I connect to the heart and soul of the business, of 2:23AM, it needs certain things to sustain it, to enable it to grow and flourish.

My job as Steward is to ensure the flow of those things…those qualities, support structures, people. To ensure that the field in which 2:23AM operates is filled with all the qualities and energies that support its best unfolding.

To ask for these things from others, to ask for support for this…to manage the healthy energy flows of 2:23AM, is not personal. It is neither a reflection on me, nor on the others in the field of 2:23AM.

If we want to grow a thriving veggie garden, we need wonderful soil, the right amount of water, sunlight that neither bakes nor denies growth, pruning and tending when appropriate, and…in the end, timely harvest. To ask the garden supply person for really top soil and be pedantic about the soil’s quality is not personal…it in in respect for the well-being of the veggies. The sooner I get that, the sooner we create the veggie garden that wants to be created.

A Steward is the person who creates and maintains the field for flourishing. It is a shift from egoic small self to trans-self.

Do I care more about the business than I do what you think of me…? might be another way to put it.

When we rise above small self and put the business, or the service, or the excellence of delivery above the little “I”, people who get this…who want that energy rich dimension, respond with a resounding yes. This, yes, give me this….care, love, uncompromising values…

It’s not always easy…and it is always worth it.

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