To be golden


Golden…this is what I feel when I look at this scene. There is a richness to natures gold that has allured human beings through out our history.

Is this attraction learned, or would a very young child reach for the golden object over all others?

To feel golden…to feel as if our own inner light shines golden on others…radiating them with our golden warmth..this is a feeling I desire.

It is not a flashy diamond type light, but a warmth that invites connection.

I wonder at the day that delivered this golden morning. So different from all the others.

My light shines golden some days, blue others, grey on others…this is what it is to be human. Always the same, like the ever present ocean and the always dawning sun, and yet always so different.

May your light today be golden. And if not…then let it be fully blue..or fully grey. There is beauty found in all.


2:23AM Integrity is the Essence


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