Not global warming but atmosphere cancer – language changes context

If we called global warming atmosphere cancer would we get a different response?

Both are true…(according to the majority of scientists)

Yet one message conveys a soft story…warming is usually a nice experience, there is no urgency…and ‘global’ anything is pretty standard these days.

Atmosphere cancer portrays a graphic image. The very stuff we breath has cancer…perhaps that will affect us all? Hmm…it might even affect me…

Ask the residents of Beijing. They may have something to say on this matter.

Creating an atmosphere of fear is not always a bad thing. The fear response is millions of years old and has served all animals and mammals well in the face of danger. And we face danger. Our way of living is completely unable to continue if we want to stay healthy. This, whether you believe in global warming or not, is an unarguable point.

Madness to think we can continue this way…madness to think we can dump anything on the Great Barrier Reef and have it flourish…madness to think we can put toxic stuff into the atmosphere and everything will be peachy.

We have atmosphere cancer. We can argue over the details…but…we have atmosphere cancer.

Now…business…what are we going to do about it?


This article was inspired by Seth Godin in a podcast with James Altucher.

Photo credit: Lu Feng via Compfight




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