Who are you in the future? And why is this an important question to ask in the present?

For two and a half years I have been working on this project which is now proudly called 2.23AM.

However, there is truth in saying that I have been working on this for my entire life. And this is as it should be…a great project is the sum total of all of our experience, relationships, failures, trials, successes….plus a whole lot of things we are about to learn. The threshold moments.

I wrote in my journal today…I am scared of becoming. For the fear of my future self sits there…my fear of the massive change..and new stories…

In the call to uncommon action there is a becoming to what is not the whole of who we are today…it is much much more. Today I sense that…as after two and a half years 2.23am is about to launch.

I feel the future changes in my lifestyle, the future changes in how I am in the world. My relationship to power, money, success…

Here is where the gold is….because the journey to here has been one of trials…of being constantly reduced to the bare minimum in every dimension…the JK Rowling…starting at rock bottom is easy as there is no risk…

…because of these experiences, because I have been so steeped in the trials of the journey…and through this have built gratitude for every moment…arbitrarily perceived as good or bad…then I know my future self will be someone I admire and like.

I watch young people ill prepared for success and fame crumple because they have built zero capacity to fully embrace their future self..their relationship to power, money in overabundance…privilege…

So I may be scared…for this brief moment…but I am prepared. And surrounded by a really wise team.

For those not so prepared…surround yourself with really wise council…people who love you for you and not for any other reason..who hold your best most whole self as the one thing above all else…


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