Life is miraculous

Two of the many wonderful things photographing dawn has taught me is to be prepared for the moment. And that often the best shot is before the sun rise…when the colours reflect off the clouds.

Life is miraculous. It is a miracle we do not dissolve like a lump of sugar when we take a bath. Each day I wake…I am already living a miracle.

Each day is filled with millions of precious moments…or simple moments that just through attention  may become precious.

To pay attention to the miraculous way my body knows how to digest food, move my big toe, write this article…this quality of attention and remembering can never be overstated.

Many extraordinarily successful people will talk about the journey to the goal…it was this that mattered most…it wasn’t reaching the destination, getting the medal, summiting the was the path to that moment. It was all the hard work, dedication, endurance…it was being present in the moment to the changing colours reflected by the clouds before the crescendo of the sun rise.

These moments shape us. They inhabit our cells, our soul.

All of these photographs have been taken along the same stretch of beach…yet how different each one is…

Life is miraculous…


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