Seeking power in all the wrong places | real power

When we seek power in the exterior world it simply means we do not have a sense of our own power within our interior world.

Money for power.

Status for power.

Stuff for power.

Fast cars. Hot women/men. Sex. For power.

Title for power.

None of these will ever give you real power.

Power is an inner quality. It doesn’t require anything from the exterior world. It does not require validation, affirmation, praise or kowtowing from the exterior world.

Power doesn’t need to yell, to talk down to, to speak over, to speak at all.

A person fully in their own power needs nothing from you. Or me.

Stop looking for power out there. Get acquainted with the power, or lack of, that resides in you. Now that is where the hard work begins.

And the person with the gun at your head (or the bank threatening you to pay up) – this isn’t power. It is cowardice. Bullying. Intimidation. It comes from lack of power. Power is when you look the person in the eye who has the gun to your head and stay in your own power. Even then.

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