Doing what matters most

When we do not take the time each day to spend in communion with our business, our soul, our relationships, our health and the things that matter then we are sending a clear signal to the Universe that these things do not matter.

We end up disconnected, lost in busy-ness and wondering what happened to this one wild and precious life. We will lose our relationships, our connection to self, our connection to our love of work.

No one is too busy to create the time to do this. And if you are, then you are avoiding the real conversation.

But it will find you. It will find you through breakdown, illness, loss, death…

The real conversation cannot be silenced. Call it mindfulness, call it contemplation, call it what you will.

Just make time for it. And be richer for it. In every way.

Photo credit: Creative Commons License Thomas Leuthard via Compfight

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