Language creates culture in business

Business as usual is a culture of domination, top down hierarchy, leader as authoritarian, employees as commodities, customers as consumers, citizens as consumers.

If we want to change the world we need to change our language.

We can be the steward instead of the boss/leader. The moment we become a steward the patriarchal dominance disappears. We now hold the space for our business and the people to be everything they have the ability to be.

Instead of enrolling staff into our core values, we can invite conversation and explore what our values mean to our people. Our people then build a business around these values together.

Instead of living and breathing results, we might ask questions like…”What would it take to create a future distinct from the past? One that values and honours all?”

If we need to check on people all the time, to performance manage them, then we are the parent. Is this the culture we want, one of parent/child? Dominator/dominated?

For today, be aware of the language you speak in your organisation. Is it building the culture you want?

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