An argument against speed in business

Life is busy. Getting busier.

Business as usual demands results, action, long hours, cost control, lots of average…and speed. Go go go. Faster faster.

Anything we do in a hurry is an argument against intimacy.

Anything we do in a hurry is a argument against aesthetics.

Anything we do in a hurry is an argument against heart.

And when anything we do is against the high qualities of human life….intimacy, connection, relationship, heart, art, beauty, love, care…it needs to be questioned.

Sure, you are in a burning hurry to build an empire. “You snooze you lose” they say.

Granted, there are times where speed is critical and needed. But if it is the mantra of your business then perhaps there is a need to question why? Is this your mantra, or are you under the spell of business as usual? And at what price?

You get to choose.

Extraordinary, unique, crafted, loved business that does good…or…an empire absent of anything that really matters?

Photo credit: Éole Wind via Compfight

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