Spin doctoring, smoke and mirrors, general BS – the world of business finance

In the world of business finance there is jargon a plenty. Jujitsu mambo jambo. Spin doctoring.

I am not sure if it is designed to flummox the poor person about to sign their life away, or if it’s to make the finance guys look hot, or a combination of both.

We have taken the simple and made it complex, and in the doing of this have created monsters built on sand and spin. Derivatives of derivatives, slice and dice of instruments. Betting on the future. (Also known as gambling.) Money making money from money. Absent real productivity.

If there is no real value in the equation, then it is all smoke and mirrors. By real value I mean something of value delivered in exchange for.

Seek the value, not the spin. And when you are being caught in a web of spin doctoring, request plain English and no BS.

Straight talk, no spin, value and productivity. This is the world of business as unusual.

Photo Credit: Stuart Williams via Compfight

2:23AM Integrity is the Essence


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