One question that rules them all

Do this, do that, go here, there. Be this. Don’t do that. Eat this. Don’t eat that. Get up early. Sleep less. Go hard. Take time off. Social media. No social media. Get a partner. Do it solo. Choose this. Not that. Head spinning. Heart spinning. Blurrrrrr…. what to do..too many flavours, too many choices…too much going on. STOP.


When there is noise…an inner tug of war…confusion…what to do??


Start with stopping. Be present now. Now I am drinking a coffee. Now I am walking to the car. Now I am speaking to my friend. Now I am brushing my teeth.

Once you are present there is only one question. The one that quietens all others.

If I trusted myself, what would I do now?

Do that.


This is how we run marathons, climb mountains and build beautiful businesses.

Beautiful Business for all human thriving


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