If you had all the money in the world available for your business start up?

I am in start up mode. We need many provisions, including money.

Like any start up.

But if I had all the money in the world, would this be a good thing?

What are the benefits of creative tension? Of saying….without this what can we do? What can we create?

I am exploring the creative tension between abundance and enoughness. As well as the myth of …if we had money we could do x.

The real question is…how committed are you to doing x? And…is the WHY to do x big enough to get you into your discomfort zone?

If it’s not, then x probably isn’t worth doing, at least not by you.

There is something truly remarkable about someone who says…we are doing this…and we will find a way. Lack of money is never the kicker. Lack of imagination, lack of love, lack of commitment….. these things are always the ‘kick the can, kill the project’ stories.

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