The loneliness of a visionary pioneer

I have never met a human being who doesn’t yearn to be seen for the fullness of who they are.

Even those of us who have a life of seeming success often do not feel fully seen. Their vision can be so searingly bright that few people are able to grasp it. They suffer the frustration of vast sight without being seen. I know this well. I know the loneliness of the pioneer and visionary. Few can see what I see, feel what I feel…we get lost in translation.

Or those of us who had our flame reduced to cinder through social and cultural norms. “Girls don’t do…boys don’t do…you can’t make a living out of doing that…” Or through life conditions that insist survival take precedent over everything.

To see another fully, to experience them in the totality of their expression, is to give one of the very greatest gifts we could ever bestow on another.

Try it out. Start with someone you love. Give them 100% of your total willingness to see and understand them, not from your world view, but from theirs. Listen to them, beyond words, beyond the body. Listen to the songs calling from their soul. Tune to the frequency of their heart. Give them your absolute attention. Hear them as you they have never been heard before. If their vision is so vast you cannot see it, ask them to draw it, or sing it, or dance it for you. Don’t try to get it intellectually. Feel it. Attune to its energy.

And for those of us who see far into the future, who feel shapes and forms and models of work and play that our language and technology to date has no way of translating, seek out your fellow visionaries, your tribe, the ones who are able to keep pace with you.

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2 Comments on “The loneliness of a visionary pioneer”

  1. You are so right.
    And you should include those who strugle to dare, against isolation and insecurity…
    Thank you for your thoughts. It’s easy to forget how tender we all are.

    1. It is so easy to forget how tender we are, including those who do not have the appearance of tenderness. Thanks for your comment Cecilia.

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