On building strength in your business, relationships and within yourself

Take several seemingly brittle metals, apply serious heat, suck out the air, and you create something with enormous strength.

The more heat we undergo…the harder the path, the more the adversity, the more opportunity we have of becoming stronger.

How we approach adversity is the key. Do you diminish in its presence, or grow?

Sucking out the air, making it hard to breath, requires a different approach. How flexible are you to adapt to the changes quickly?

Burning removes the detritus. Our petty ego, the fantasies, our head based opinions and judgements. Burning purifies the journey. What really matters becomes very clear. The path becomes the true path.

All the while the process requires synergy. The integration of different elements that when combined, under the same heat, become something far greater than the original elements. This applies to the people on your team, the structures in your process, the values you hold. When synergy is not present, when 1 plus 1 plus 1 doesn’t equal anything far greater than 10, you are on the wrong path.

You can apply this to your business, your fitness, your relationships…all of life.




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