Open to weird? How much weirdness does your business bare?

Consider that without a weird injection your business will stay beige. Not able to be distinguished from the millions of the other beige businesses out there.

For some businesses beige is right. It has the illusion of safety. No drama, but also no edge.

If you are not open to weird…if you keep reaching for the same stock solutions of the world, the McKinseys, KPMG’s, PWC’s..heck even the big safe business schools (that would be most of them), then you are already left behind.

Open to weird doesn’t mean you have to take it on. But if you are not open to weird then you are closed to any edge, any form of distinction, any, the future..for your business.

Business hacking is designed specifically to ensure you stay connected with weird.

Does your business practice seeking the weird? And if so how?

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