From whom do you need permission to go for it in your business? Is permission really what you need? Or is that an excuse?

For the last year I have been working on a very large project with the objective of creating a global movement and global tribe around business as unusual for all the right reasons. This blog is a part of that.

In May this year I had a meeting with Sir Richard about the project. Amazing opportunity. Inspirational man. A true embodiment of someone who is screwing business as usual.

What happened after this meeting on one level felt like nothing. Crescendo of meeting RB and then crash of what now?

But this project was bigger than me, bigger even than Richard Branson (if that is possible). We need to screw business as usual for all the right reasons. Business as we know it simply will not get humanity to a healthy viable future for all.

I also knew, when I sat in the stillness of my own truth, that to not give everything to this project would mean I would live my life in regret. Not just regret, but that bitter feeling of having sensed the greater purpose of my life and decided that I didn’t have the ………(insert word here..courage, fortitude, skill, connections, money, smarts….) to do what needed to be done.

This was that moment…this was the exact moment that asked of me to step up, step across a threshold.

My intuition said just go for it. Create the web site, start the video interviews, the blog, get investors…don’t wait for permission. I also asked myself…what would Richard Branson do if he were me?

Well of course, he would just go for it.

Yesterday I had confirmation that just going for it was the path.  And to ramp it up even further. Ask for more specifically, be bolder, more daring.  I had been tentative in my steps, a little uncertain, timid.  I wanted that outside confirmation to affirm my inner conviction and intuition.

Moral of the story…trust yourself. Trust yourself and then trust yourself even more. Don’t wait for permission from some external source. If what you are doing is genuine, integrous, heartfelt, soulful, well considered, aligned and adds value exponentially, without doing harm, then go for it.

Where are you waiting for permission? Is that really what is stopping you?


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2 Comments on “From whom do you need permission to go for it in your business? Is permission really what you need? Or is that an excuse?”

  1. Hey Christine, great post! You are absolutely right, if you are a leader (and we are all leaders, we are all leading our own lives and the lives of those we deeply connect with), then you don’t wait for permission, for direction, for the stars to align, or whatever… instead you align yourself around your passion, your guts, your most inspired and inspiring thoughts, and then you take gutsy action and you go for it ‘whole-heartedly’, no pussyfooting around, no incongruent maybe ‘if only I could’ baby steps, just step up, step forward and lead the change you want in your world! That’s what people like RB have done, and they have changed the world doing it. We can all evolve our world, in our own special way. It just takes head, heart and guts, all aligned and in balance.

    And btw, we love what you are doing and support you whole-heartedly!

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