2011 Annual Review: Humility, Gratitude and WOW

WOW because sometimes there are just no words in the English language to explain the feeling of gob smacking awesomeness when a light that you have been working your arse off to find suddenly comes ON.
I have always found this process to be incredibly powerful. Each year I marvel at just how far I have come. Either I am moving fast on my interiors or I had a lot of catching up to do…or both. The opportunity to pause, gather, reflect, and vision is very nourishing at a soul level. You will see that this particular annual review is deeply personal and quite revealing.  As someone who works closely with people, I made a decision a long time ago to be sure that anyone I work with knows, without question, that I am very human, that I have my own insecurities, my own egoic fantasies and mythologies, and I am working as fast and hard as I can on my own journey to self mastery and personal power. One of my most favourite quotes is from the Course in Miracles, “In my vulnerability I become invulnerable.” Or…when I have nothing to hide…I am not able to be attacked.

This report is the equivalent of 7 pages of a word document. Not tooooo bad!!!

Make yourself a coffee or tea…., grab some chocolate (Lindt dark Chilli is the best!!)…and enjoy.

 Click here to download and read And if you do find that you simply must respond, please do. In the comments below, or to me personally.
I would be grateful if you feel this would be something others would like to read to share it around.
In gratitude,
PS. While I have written a review of the year for many years now, the inspiration to write this as a PDF for download came from Jonathan Fields. His report was a wonderful read. I recommend you read that too.

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