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September 18, 2008
These are trying times and likely to get more so from a financial market sense. While I do not claim to be an expert on what is going on, I have spent the last 6 months studying the whole system and its demise for several hours every day. This plus my every day ongoing reading from Buckminster Fuller, who talked about money/banking/business structure and its flaws 70 years ago until his death in the 80’s. I always thought in regards to Bucky’s financial work that he was a bit of a crack pot conspiracy theorist, but, no, in his usual quiet genius, he studied the history, systems and structures with rigor, and he is pretty much been ~on the money~:)
 I can feel confident in saying that at core, this is an INTEGRITY issue. To date, unless you are God, something does not come from nothing. (The Haldon Collider in Switzerland is attempting to explore what happened at the Big Bang – but even then, they start with an energetic something). And yet this is exactly how our economic system seems to be built.
We have created enormous something from nothing.
People who knew how to play this game have become ~rich~ from this strategy. (I put rich in brackets with purpose-for how real is this wealth?) It has had nothing to do with work, or legitimate exchange of energy. Just the opposite, it has had to do with non energy-or non stuff- big black holes of non stuff. Monopoly money. The shadow side of real capital, (Real capital meaning something that has intrinsic VALUE). While it is possible to argue that the players have had every right to play this game, and they have because it has been the prevailing game, like the mess we have made with the environment, the game has been very short term focused, very narcissistic, and built on greed and fear, with complete disregard to consequences, and long term affects, or truth.
I have been floored to discover just how the system works. I feel pretty sure most people don’t know. We assume that the deposits we make go towards other people’s loans etc..and on it goes. But no. That is not how it works. My deposit enables up to 30 times the deposited amount to be CREATED. From where you might well ask? From thin air. Something from nothing. How come I have spent a lifetime on ongoing education, and in my mid forties, didn’t know this? I feel like a fool.
While the current situation goes well and truly beyond this level of complexity, and is a fascinating study in greed, plus what I call ~little atrocities~ saying yes to small seemingly innocuous actions that are borderline in integrity, that pave the way for another little atrocity, that in its accumulative affects takes the perpetrator into full blown criminal activity (the cooked frog syndrome – place a frog into a pot of cold water and gradually turn up the heat and the frog goes to sleep as he gets cooked), its essence is built on a lack of Integrity. Lack of personal integrity, lack of systems integrity, lack of perspective integrity. (My work as an integrity architect is to prevent these violations, and/or to restore violations to integrity.)
As Bucky said, we either make money or we make sense, and I have struggled to understand just what he meant, and in what context he was speaking. Now it seems clear. For those of you who want to really get Bucky’s perspective of this, check out his book,  Critical Path, especially Part 1.
If we add Integral Theory on top of Bucky’s work, with the Western World centred at Orange – which is all about keeping score, the achiever self, stuff accumulation, being better than the Jones’s, we really begin to see the game at play. Orange is breaking down to green. (which has its own unique problems)
The good news is – and in truth I am excited about the events, even though I don’t expect to come out unscathed financially- that in order for there to be change of any note, we need to see the old structure disintegrate. We need Atlas to shrug and for it to be a decent shrug.
For most of the somethings out of nothings to go back to nothings, which is in truth where they always where.
In the mean time..what can we do? What can I do? What can you do?
1. Get educated if you are not already. The world has shifted and we all need to be awake and alert.
2. Get your own house in order- and I mean really in order. To this purpose I have attached a Personal Inventory –  a little check list of things to clean up. Some of these things may seem a long way from the bigger topic at hand. How can cleaning out your garage help? We are talking about foundational work. Integrity means wholeness, and wholeness doesn’t exclude anything. The more in Integrity you are, the better able to weather the storms, emotionally, financially, spiritually, and in relationship. This is our work right now. To go into all the dark places, in your own life, in your environment, in your work, and clean up and out, and get back into the highest form of Integrity you can summon.
3. Recognise that this process is the pulling of the shadow out of the closet, and that once the shadow is out, and in the light, it does go away. What we do not want is for the shadow to jump back into another closet, but for it to be dealt with squarely. RIP and move on. Therefore, this is a great time, with incredible opportunities.

Out of EMERGEncy, we EMERGE. Humans become incredibly creative when the chips are down. New opportunities are everywhere. Focus on this after your house is in order.


 PS. A little quote pulled from the News Dissector on this day in 2008, (made me laugh)

In other economic news, President Bush announced another massive bailout today, saying that he had completed a deal for China to buy the United States in its entirety.

“This was a difficult deal to pull off,” Mr. Bush acknowledged. “The hard part was identifying the parts of the U.S. that China didn’t already own.”

2:23AM Integrity is the Essence


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One Comment on “Atlas Has Shrugged – The time for integrity is now, and now | Integrity Architect”

  1. This is a cross-post from Integral Life, which refers to Christine’s post above

    Internet democracy in action: For the first time, thrid parties have banded together and agreed on 4 main points

    It is all very well and good to analyse Obama for integral glimmerings, but the fact is that there are sophisticated politcal and economic perspectives held by third party candidates that are crucial to an Integral approach to politics. It is still an appalling fact that by controlling the debate process, the two major parties actively exclude alternative views, both on the right and left…Here is something you can do to support a grassroots movement to get these essential multiple political perspectives out there.

    Go to and pledge your support. They have an interesting plan to raise money AS the debate is happening, in order to get media attention. In the information age, this plan could work. You don’t have to pay anything. (BTW, I am not advocating an idiot vote for third parties in swing states.)

    Here are the 4 areas of agreement:

    1. bring the U.S. troops home
    2. protect our civil liberties
    3. investigate the Federal Reserve
    4.balance the federal budget

    Point 3 speaks directly to Christine’s excellent debt economy post

    Christine, I watched the whole 47 minute video. It was very well done…but I have to point out that progressives have understood this perspective for decades. See David Korten (Harvard MBA, insider)

    Here again is the link Christine gave to the 47 minute video “Money as Debt” chock full of chilling quotes from bankers and politicians…if you don’t understand the view that banks conjure money out of thin air and the only way to keep this system going is an ever-increasing rate of natural resource depletion, it is well worth the 47 minutes.



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