Beauty of Beginnings – July 15th | Beauty of Beginnings

My work comes off the back of the entire linage of humanity that has existed till now. To think that I have created something through my genius alone is to become an island of arrogance. By tapping into the field of creativity, generated by all who have walked before, by nature in her entirety, I might produce something that has … Read More

Beauty of Beginnings – April 10th | Beauty of Beginnings

In our world of automation and always on, always connected, the deliberate act of seeking respite and rest is essential to our wellbeing. To walk barefoot, be that on sand or grass. To hear the bird call. Watch an ant be busy doing ant things. To allow the salt water to hold us up, as it does when we stop … Read More

Beautiful Business for All Human Thriving- 6 Pillars of Integrity Architecture, 40 Considerations for a Beautiful Business | 6 Pillars for Beautiful Business

Placing what matters as the primary reason we engage in enterprise. Earth, all its creatures, and each other. This article and body of work is for those of you who seek to create enterprises that support our present and future well being comprehensively. Following an introduction to the work of R.Buckminster Fuller in my 20’s that insisted that I question … Read More

Syntropy, entropy and business models for sustainability

Our mother Sun radiates out energy…more energy than the world can ever use. This radiation of energy is entropic.  In providing us energy the sun is very slowly breaking down. The Sun gives. That given energy is condensed on Earth. This ability to concentrate is syntropy. Energy as light is miraculously converted through photosynthesis, where Carbon dioxide..CO2…yes that stuff that … Read More