Beauty of Beginnings – January 15th

Could Nature possibly create something without beauty? The question asks us to consider everything, including ourselves. We humans have yet to learn humility in the face of Nature. We have, for so long, given ourselves a position of dominion over Nature under the delusion that we know better. Nature knows beauty because Nature knows integrity, synergy, and love – the … Read More

Who is R.Buckminster Fuller? – ever more relevant today

I never met R.Buckminster Fuller, or Bucky as he preferred to be called, in person, although I know many people who did. But of all the possible humans in Universe, Bucky has influenced my life more than any other. This article is not so much about the man and his history, which you can easily discover though Wikipedia and his … Read More

Synergy – when one plus one equals one thousand

No amount of examination of a poisonous gas, Chloride, or an explosive metal, Sodium, would ever have anyone believe that when the two are mixed together in nature we get a harmless white powder that we sprinkle on food. Yet the marriage of Sodium and Chloride creates salt. This is synergy in action. Dissection down to the cellular level, of … Read More

Exactly what is freedom?

Most of us want it. To be free. To feel free. We may even want this more than happiness, a subject about which so much has been written and spoken of late. Freedom goes through its own stages of evolving. When we are young (and maybe even when we are older) we just want the freedom from any rules…we want … Read More

On building strength in your business, relationships and within yourself

Take several seemingly brittle metals, apply serious heat, suck out the air, and you create something with enormous strength. The more heat we undergo…the harder the path, the more the adversity, the more opportunity we have of becoming stronger. How we approach adversity is the key. Do you diminish in its presence, or grow? Sucking out the air, making it … Read More

How strong is your core as a leader?

“Effective leaders are individuals who help us overcome the limitations of our own selfishness and weakness and fears and get us to do harder, better more important things than we can get ourselves to do on our own.” David Foster Most humans I have ever met want to rise to their best selves. We all have aspects of self that … Read More

Unleashing true brilliance in an organisation

Look at any organisation, team, family unit or business, and you will certainly find the following. Interpersonal conflict Lack of clarity of purpose, direction, project parameters Blame of others or the system Miscommunication Conflicting worldviews, perspectives and cultures The amount of energy that is lost to these communication and people issues is immense. Loss in time, energy, effort, inefficiency, focus.  … Read More

The Future Of Marriage

The world turns. Everything changes. Yet some things we cling to, desperately trying to breath into it the last vestiges of life. This is how I see the institution of marriage in the developed world. It is, in its current form, a dinosaur, already extinct, but wishing and hoping for a resurrection. Why do I so freely speak thus of … Read More

The Value of Friends

An extraordinary event has occurred in my life this year, one that I am profoundly grateful for. For years I have run on a Saturday from the same spot by the beach. In the beginning there was a group of us who met at 5 am every Saturday morning, summer, winter, rain, or shine. However for various reasons this group … Read More

The Archetype of the Strong Single Woman

Often I have wondered why I am still single as I approach my half century. I’ll admit that the older I get the less I worry about the why and the more I observe my single state with fascination. I do not have any peculiar habits (other than running long distances quite regularly very early in the morning), I am … Read More