Beauty of Beginnings – April 6th | Beauty of Beginnings

There is a Pattern Integrity to every creation. Be that a knot tied in a rope, a child born, or a tradition that has lasted 40,000 years. Eldership, wisdom, genuine leadership… is knowing when to change the form without violating the Pattern Integrity, for the Pattern Integrity is often found in the invisible shape, the architecture of the creation. In … Read More

Beautiful Business for All Human Thriving- 6 Pillars of Integrity Architecture, 40 Considerations for a Beautiful Business | 6 Pillars for Beautiful Business

Placing what matters as the primary reason we engage in enterprise. Earth, all its creatures, and each other. This article and body of work is for those of you who seek to create enterprises that support our present and future well being comprehensively. Following an introduction to the work of R.Buckminster Fuller in my 20’s that insisted that I question … Read More

Stewardship, economics and new leadership

Imagine that instead of being a CEO, or a boss, or a manager, or a leader, we were assigned the task of stewardship? ORIGIN Old English stīweard, from stig (probably in the sense ‘house, hall’) + weard‘ward’ (guardian, keeper, ward) That our role was to steward a company. Steward a team. Steward a community. Or for that matter, steward your … Read More

Personal Power

This is about ‘you’. Not the ‘you’ you are. But the ‘you’ you want to be. The all-powerful you. The all-knowing you. The you who you know deep down you could be. The you at your most dynamic. The you with foresight, with authority, courage, integrity, dignity, heart. Easy words to type. Much harder ones to live up to. You … Read More