Beauty of Beginnings – August 1st | Beauty of Beginnings

On partnering. The gardener tends to the soil, which may take weeks or years. It needs to be alive, rich in bacteria and worms before it is ready to become the foundation for plants that thrive. The relationship between the gardener, the soil, the Earth, worms, an exquisite one of care and respect, held in the dynamic of partnership. … Read More

Beauty of Beginnings – February 13th | Beauty of Beginnings

Today I consider what it means to partner with. To be in partnership. It is something I love doing more than almost anything. Partnership implies the absence of a dominator hierarchy. We are in this together. No one person is the boss as a primus. We may have different levels of authority within a partnership based on our skills and … Read More

Our addiction to coupling – the values of a single life

I am not sure where I found my strong sense of identity. I think it arrived with me at birth. I was never the timid, frightened child. It was me, after all, that held my fists up to ward off the person bullying my older brother, all tiny me, undaunted. You would often find me in trees, high up, alone, … Read More