Entrepreneurship, gestation and the journey of birthing a business

  Nature has its own gestation rate. Mothers know gestation. They know it is for approximately 9 months. They know the emotional roller coaster that is beyond hormones…the excitement, fear, anxiety, frustration, trepidation, and often in the end, impatience. Fathers get to experience this in a different way, maybe as the brunt of the emotional storm of the mother, often … Read More

A mechanistic or connected Universe?

Two seagulls and a lone runner frame this beautiful sunrise. I have felt as if everything I have been working on has been stuck for about 6 weeks. Interestingly, in my inner work around the project that consumes most of my days, I hold the image of two birds…white doves…or perhaps seagulls.. as a symbol of my project. When I … Read More

One thing women know about a start up business that men do not

Women who have gestated a baby and born a child know something about the process of birthing creativity in an embodied way. Nature has its own gestation rate. Try to rush the birth of a baby. Or a flower. Or anything for that matter, including a business. Birth of any kind, be it baby, a business, art…has a pattern to … Read More