Beauty of Beginnings – February 14th | Beauty of Beginnings

Shall we fall in love or orbit in love? Love is the metaphysical gravity that holds the perfect symmetry of relationship. To fall in love is to fall into the field of another, and in the process lose ourselves as we merge. To orbit in love is to maintain right relationship with the other, neither too close nor too far. … Read More

On Birthdays, Gratitude, Serendipity, Love, and 2.23AM

Sunday was my birthday. It was simply one of the best and most amazing birthdays of my 54 years. I am as fit and healthy as I have ever been in my life. I eat amazingly fresh and healthy food, get daily exercise and 7-8 hours sleep. There is no reason why my vitality should not continue in this way … Read More

Life on your terms. 5 Keys

Life on your terms. 5 Keys 1. A set of inviolate, unbreakable, heart and soul centred guiding principles and boundaries or self disciplines 2. Daily practice of tuning into your life and business using your self disciplines as the ground of being. 3. Deep and ever growing trust in the pattern integrity of Universe. 4. The ability to dance with … Read More