Beauty of Beginnings – May 18th | Beauty of Beginnings

We need people who love us enough to speak of our behaviours that do not reflect our beauty and truth. We need people who dare to care. They care more about us than they care what we think of them. This is love in action. It takes courage. My life is better for having people who care enough about me … Read More

Beauty of Beginnings – May 12th | Beauty of Beginnings

Let it sink in. Take a moment to be, fully, as you are. If in pain. Allow the pain. If confused, go deeper into confusion. Angry…explore its edges and darkness, its fierce explosive force. Love…feel your heart expand to infinity. Beauty…sink into the softness, the awe, the humility, of beauty.   Photo Taken May 12th 2018 *Beauty is best when shared…so … Read More

Beauty of Beginnings – April 22nd | Beauty of Beginnings

Expansive. That feeling of impossible vastness, were there is no end point. Love. When we open our hearts and feel love then it inhabits the field to infinity. Breaking all our laws of time and space. And that is the point. No examination of love by science will ever reveal its chemistry, its possibility, its creativity, or the way it … Read More

Beauty of Beginnings – April 5th | Beauty of Beginnings

Pride, when your whole heart feels like it cannot be contained in your chest and your physical being simply does not end at the threshold of skin. When you feel so strongly a part of something. Connected in your bones, thread to thread across aeons. When someone or a community steps up, allowing the latent potential to be expressed magnificently. … Read More

Beauty of Beginnings – March 1st | Beauty of Beginnings

Today as I write I gaze at the mighty Pacific Ocean and she is at peace. More lake like than mighty. When I started taking sunrise photo’s it was from the pure impulse to share my experience with others, to spread the beauty. Little did I know that the practise would teach me so much. Same beach, same sun, same … Read More

Beauty of Beginnings – February 28th | Beauty of Beginnings

Gentleness. To be soft. Kind. To put away the tools with which we beat ourselves up for not being enough. To yield. Relax. To turn towards with a warm embrace. To be gentle to self is to allow a pure conscious breath to connect us back to our own Source, our Soul. To notice that we too are here, worthy … Read More

Beauty of Beginnings – February 14th | Beauty of Beginnings

Shall we fall in love or orbit in love? Love is the metaphysical gravity that holds the perfect symmetry of relationship. To fall in love is to fall into the field of another, and in the process lose ourselves as we merge. To orbit in love is to maintain right relationship with the other, neither too close nor too far. … Read More

On Birthdays, Gratitude, Serendipity, Love, and 2.23AM

Sunday was my birthday. It was simply one of the best and most amazing birthdays of my 54 years. I am as fit and healthy as I have ever been in my life. I eat amazingly fresh and healthy food, get daily exercise and 7-8 hours sleep. There is no reason why my vitality should not continue in this way … Read More