Beauty of Beginnings – August 7th

To Burn out Anything that does not generate more of what is infinitely abundant. Love, joy, grace. Anger burns out. Eventually. Like fire, it needs oxygen and fuel. When we stop feeding it, stop needing it to feed us with its toxic mix of addictives ..anger, vengeance, hate… burn out. When the darkness of anger infests, inoculate with love and … Read More

Beauty of Beginnings – August 1st | Beauty of Beginnings

On partnering. The gardener tends to the soil, which may take weeks or years. It needs to be alive, rich in bacteria and worms before it is ready to become the foundation for plants that thrive. The relationship between the gardener, the soil, the Earth, worms, an exquisite one of care and respect, held in the dynamic of partnership. … Read More

Beauty of Beginnings – July 22nd | Beauty of beginnings

Today the mighty Pacific is calm. The air is chill. Whales breach. The sun rises just a little earlier as the Southern Hemisphere moves back towards its summer. Glorious Nature continues on its path. I am shedding skin. Old stories. Patterns that have fed the world more angst. No longer feeding the beast perpetrated by those who exploit, extract, ridicule, … Read More

Beauty of Beginnings – July 20th | Beauty of Beginnings

Futuring = a verb, to create the future. We can look to the horizon of the future with despair. Alternatively, we can create today the future that enables all human thriving. Futuring is an act of love, power, commitment, community and possibility. To be engaged in futuring is to step into the arena, no longer a victim.     Photo … Read More

Beauty of Beginnings – July 12th | Beauty of Beginnings

Awe. I am a community of 50 trillion cells. When I go for a walk my 50 trillion cells, give or take a few, go walking with me. My entire digestive tract is replaced every 3 days. We co-ordinate, communicate, thrive, or get unwell…together. Mutiny is cancer…the rouge cells. When we feed our cells poison, be that in food, emotion … Read More

Beauty of Beginnings – June 21st | Beauty of Beginnings

“Don’t break your tenderness.” Jack Kerouac Life shapes us as we allow it. Cruelty and misfortune might make us choose bitterness. Arrogance and hubris might have us become cruel. In the dirt of endings, as we contemplate the final threshold of life, we get to ask how much we loved. How much we cared. How much tenderness we brought to … Read More

Beauty of Beginnings – June 11th | Beauty of Beginnings

Investments are our values and beliefs. Investments of time, focus, attention, money, love, effort, care. To take a personal inventory of where we invest our heart, our love, our money, is to see what we value, what we believe and how we engage with the world. To observe another and their investments is to see what they value. Do our our … Read More

Beauty of Beginnings – June 5th | Beauty of Beginnings

The clouds are touched with pink, the ocean stretches to far shores, whales are breeching. Pretty Woman plays as background music at my morning cafe. My daughter leaves for work on her bike after sharing a coffee. It is a moment in time, soon to be gone, where love and beauty push out all other concerns. I am drinking it … Read More

Beauty of Beginnings – May 18th | Beauty of Beginnings

We need people who love us enough to speak of our behaviours that do not reflect our beauty and truth. We need people who dare to care. They care more about us than they care what we think of them. This is love in action. It takes courage. My life is better for having people who care enough about me … Read More

Beauty of Beginnings – May 12th | Beauty of Beginnings

Let it sink in. Take a moment to be, fully, as you are. If in pain. Allow the pain. If confused, go deeper into confusion. Angry…explore its edges and darkness, its fierce explosive force. Love…feel your heart expand to infinity. Beauty…sink into the softness, the awe, the humility, of beauty.   Photo Taken May 12th 2018 *Beauty is best when shared…so … Read More