Beauty of Beginnings – January 10th

Almost every day we are tempted to veer from our path. To make a small compromise. To submit substandard work. To tell a white lie. So easy to do. And one day we wake up and wonder how we arrived somewhere so far from where we hoped to be. The path to this other place is not taken by one … Read More

Attended to

Relationships do not break down in one fell swoop. Just as atrocities do not start large. The signs are evident, but for want of attention. We neglect to attend to the things that we want the most. This is how we sabotage. We shut down the small whispers that tug at our consciousness in the dark hours. The odd feeling … Read More

How to say NO – rule #6 have it be an absolute Yes!

To say an absolute Yes to something or someone is not an experience to be taken lightly. When I say a Yes, I need to be sure that every part of my body, mind, spirit, aligned. That there is not one corner, or cell, or mote of dust within me that says no. If there is even a shadow, … Read More

The seed of corruption – it has infested us all

Corruption is derived from two root words. Cor which is Latin for the heart, and rumpere, which means to break. How do we step over some of the issues in our world and ‘normalise’ them? Issues like child slavery, any form of starvation, be that human or animal in any place on earth, the ability for a minority to hold … Read More

We have outsourced leadership to those who have lost kinship

Unless a leader connects fully and deeply with the community they serve they are not a leader, they have become a tyrant. Anything unchallenged will become tyrannical. Unchallenged leaders of banking and finance; unchallenged money in politics; unchallenged celebrity status; unchallenged institutions that were designed to serve…all of these will fall into the pit of tyranny, not in one fell … Read More

Who stewards the stewards?

Leaders today are asked to make big decisions. Or small decisions that have big consequences. How is it that we find leaders and pension fund managers making decisions that have dyer consequences, repeatedly? Where, for example, they will choose to go with big ‘safe’ brand names even though the brand cost is multiplied and they intuitively know that the value … Read More

No compromise – the instant a business goes from being great to mediocre

In a world saturated with scale, mass, multiples and sameness, the joy of finding a crafted, boutique, amazing business is like discovering a lost treasure. Our soul comes alive when we find extraordinary, exceptional, cared for, that food, design, events, coffee, customer service. In my local town we have a wonderful coffee house. It was created because the owner … Read More

The Divided Life – coming home to the whole of us | Divided Life

Our inner work involves bringing all of our broken and disparate pieces back together, back to our core. It doesn’t matter where we start. Starting is what matters. Getting to know all the parts of ourselves and finding acceptance. Or finally looking in the eye of our insecurities, our fears, our self hate, and questioning their dominance of us? Or learning to say NO to what is not on our song sheet, and YES to what is. Learning to know the difference between the two.