Deploying Integral Accounting – Part 8 (of 8)

Every day people experience the pain of not having their value recognised. We watch in aghast as our crazy system rewards CEO’s in x 200-1500 multiples of base salaries, even if the company missed their ‘target’ or had to sack a few hundred/thousand people. (I want to bring back the word sack. We now have a sugar coated version….redundancies…In almost … Read More

Lipstick on a toad – applying sustainability practices within the frame of our existing finance and business systems and why that won’t work

I am a positive person. I have my doubts about the apocalyptic stories…about how we are in such a stage of crisis as never before. Do I believe that we are undergoing the 6th mass extinction…yes…probably…and do I believe it is largely man made…yes…I do. My ’empirical’ evidence is as follows…go to any large Mall anywhere in the world at … Read More